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Welcome to Kind Seed, Arizona’s premier weed seed bank, serving cannabis connoisseurs since the 1990’s. We know that there are a wide variety of uses for cannabis products throughout the state, so we are here to support the home growing efforts of both new recreational growers and the more seasoned grower that is cultivating medical seeds.
Although it was one of the last states to be officially added to the union, back in 1912, this is one of the most bustling regions of the United States, in terms of tourism and business in general. The current population surpasses seven million, and absolutely spikes in the wintertime due to the influx of retirees from Canada and other cooler climates, often up to an additional two million snowboards each year. Commonly these folks will set up in mobile RV parks within Quartzsite, Mesa, or Flagstaff. And with the climate of cannabis culture in Arizona, these folks will be heading out with their tourist dollars ready to buy the best buds from local growers and cannabis dispensaries.
We ship seeds to any home address in Arizona or alternatively to a post office box. Do not worry, as we use discreet packaging and always keep our customer’s privacy a high priority. Thankfully, seeds are already very resilient to damage and come with no smell. Your seeds will arrive in a sealed package, ready to germinate and grow into your favorite strains. The climate in Arizona can vary quite widely, but is well represented by the region aptly named the Valley of the Sun. The central valley that contains the greater Phoenix metropolitan area is surrounded by a vast network of inland mountain ranges, many of which extend into the Sonora desert in Mexico.
Perhaps the most well-known of these mountainous structures, among Americans and indeed worldwide, is the Grand Canyon. Carved out over millions of years by the Colorado River, the Grand Canyon was inhabited by early Native Americans and first discovered by European settlers back in 1540. As one of the world’s seven wonders, this draws many tourists to the region for a variety of activities including hiking, photography, rock climbing, and more! Other popular mountaineering destinations include the Sierra Mountains, Santa Rosa Mountains, and Navajo Mountain ranges. If photography is your gig, then taking a few joints out with you to explore the picturesque landscapes of Arizona are sure to add a few new favorite shots to your collection of digital stills. You may even be inclined to start printing your own postcards or large blow-up prints. Do miss the chance to see firsthand the amazing geographic sights to behold at Corkscrew Canyon, Monument Valley, Cathedral Rocks, or the world’s best preserved meteor crater that is located just outside of Winslow. These big land formations are sure to make you feel small in the scope of the world’s size and ancient history.
Aside from the physical beauty, tourists and residents are drawn to Arizona for the broad access to sports and education that only a sprawling city can offer. Sports fans will appreciate the ability to smoke a nice blunt in a private place, and then head directly to an Arizona Coyotes game and watch them take out the competition. With competitive teams in Major League Baseball (Arizona Diamondbacks), Basketball (Phoenix Suns), and Football (Arizona Cardinals), there is sure to be an event you can catch in the evening with a friend or loved one. Although using THC is forbidden as a performance-enhancing drug, many athletes use CBD to help with recovery, after a workout or injury. So, a fit and athletic population translates to more business for the CBD growers who live and work in the State. Combined with the growing population of senior citizens who come for the climate, Arizona really has the potential to become a leading Mecca in the legalized cannabis market.
In the way of education, the state is home to over 60 different colleges and universities. Although we don’t like to generalize, there is again a huge economic advantage here for home growers since the 21-30 year old age cohort love to buy their cannabis, often by the ounce so that there is plenty going around for their University of Arizona fraternity party or the potluck lunch gathering going on at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe. Northern Arizona University, Grand Canyon University, and University of Phoenix are all reputable places to seek post-secondary education in the arts or sciences. Cannabis enthusiasts will also be pleased to hear that there are even schools who cover topics pertinent to the weed industry such as THC College, which has a location in Phoenix. Here you can study such topics as Patient Consulting (bud tending), Smoke Shop Manager, or Dispensary Management.
Speaking of dispensaries, there are a great deal of these popping up all throughout the state with great products to smoke, vape, or even eat. However, one truth about dispensaries is that their amount of seed stock is very slim, or sometimes non-existent. The good news for marijuana growers in Arizona looking to buy seeds is that there is a new and convenient online store that carries almost any strain you can think of! Kind Seed as a brand of cannabis seeds has been around for many decades, and we are now thrilled to be extending our great customer service and popular strain menu to anyone in Arizona, from border towns like Yuma or Page all the way to the centre of the action in Phoenix or Flagstaff. Whether you are growing for the first time and need some easy beginner seeds for your Tucson greenhouse, or some advanced high-THC seeds for your indoor grow in Lake Havasu, we have the selection and prices to earn your repeat business. Trust in Kind Seed for your authentic cannabis seeds, open 365 days a year.

Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in The Grand Canyon State

As the 5th most populated city in the entire country, Phoenix is home to plenty of smoke shops, vaping retailers, and marijuana dispensaries that may carry souvenir seeds. Across the nation, cannabis seeds that are ungerminated are considered to be a novelty item and are therefore legal for distribution and individual possession. Especially now that Arizona has just recently approved recreational consumption for adults over 21, growing the stuff does not need to be as taboo a subject as it once was many years ago. Despite the increasing availability of cannabis seeds in the brick and mortar retail outlets, your best bet is going to be purchasing your seeds online through a specialized seed distributor, or seed bank.
Kind Seed is set on providing the most reliable and affordable access to cannabis seeds that cultivators can order straight to their home. The combination of modern technology and the way coronavirus has changed the climate of retail shopping, many people now find themselves ordering things online, whether that is clothing, gadgets, or groceries. Many online dispensaries will even offer the option to purchase dried flowers edibles or extracts from an online menu and have them home delivered. So why wouldn’t you want to buy your seeds the same way? Grand Canyon State growers can rest assured that their purchase is secured with online encryption and well-trained staff that will handle your order in a timely fashion. When asking where to buy cannabis seeds in Arizona, don’t just rely on the first option that you drive past on the street. Buying seeds online gets you the freshest product that has not been sitting on a store display out in the harmful UV rays. Our mission is to always preserve the intrinsic capabilities of the seed by using safe handling practices and storing the seeds in optimal conditions. Because of our high turnover rate, we are also consistently bringing in fresh stock, which assures us that you are never going to get stale or bunk seeds in your order. Thanks to Kind Seed USA, your THC or CBD cannabis seeds are now just a mouse-click away!

Recreational Marijuana and Smoking in Arizona

This past election day, November 2, 2020, Arizona voted in the legislature to allow for recreational consumption of Cannabis throughout the state under Proposition 207. Prior to this new law, Medical Access could only be granted through the ownership of a green card, resting on the approval of proposition 203 back in 2010. There was another attempt made by state politicians towards legalizing recreational cannabis in 2016, with Proposition 205. This failed by a slim margin with 48.7 % of the vote and was reframed in a more successful light just in time for the 2020 election.
Recreational smoking and marijuana consumption is now allowed state-wide by adults over 21 years of age. With this said, the expectation is still that people will avoid consumption in public places, especially near shared community parks and playgrounds. Underage consumption is punishable by a $100 fine and mandatory counselling. In order to restrict the appeal towards young people, there is a prohibition on manufacturers and retailers from displaying any human, animal, insect, fruit or toy in the form of a cartoon or otherwise displayed on product packaging.
Arizona is now the 13th state to legalize marijuana for recreational consumption. The recent prop passed with a clearly in-favor 60/40 split and drove 90% of eligible voters out to make their mark on this 10+ year battle for legalization. Regulations still need to be finalized and dispensaries will likely be able to start selling licensed products as of April 2021. Once you get your hands on some guaranteed premium seeds, there is nothing stopping you from germinating them right away to start your own cannabis garden before the end of 2020. This has been a tough year for many, so why not take advantage of the cost-saving benefits of growing your own marijuana at home? We have your back with unbeatable customer service and a broad network of online articles and guides to help you out along the way.

How Much Weed Can You Have in Arizona

Under the new guidelines laid out in Prop 207, Arizona pot smokers can possess anywhere up to one ounce of dried flower on their person. As long as your weed is out of reach while you are driving, you can now pick up your bud from the dispensary and go about your day, with the errands you had laid out in Prescott or the sightseeing trip you had planned out to the Tonto National Forest or Kofa National Wildlife Refuge. The regulations also stipulate that consumers can purchase up to 2.5 ounces of cannabis in a 14 day period. State-operated dispensaries now have a patient tracking system in order to ensure adherence to this allowance.
The new laws also permit consumers to possess up to 5 grams of cannabis concentrates, like shatter, wax, crumble, or cannabis oil. Other allowable forms include edibles, topicals, capsules, and salves. If you are growing plants at home, the state of Arizona permits adults over 21 to grow up to 6 plants at a given time. If two or more adults live at the house together, the maximum limit rises to a 12 plant cap per residence. Individual growers who see registration with an approved medical need can grow up to 12 plants per individual.
Because of the incredible climate here, Arizona is also home to some of the largest greenhouse producers of cannabis in the USA. These companies typically buy from us in bulk, as seeds typically get cheaper the more that you buy. Our wholesale division can satisfy orders of seeds that contain hundreds, or thousands, or feminized or autoflowering seeds of a given strain. Because producing seeds requires male plants, and male plants introduce the risk of accidental pollination, it is much simpler for growers to purchase their seeds from a specialized source rather than re-produce their own seeds. For the amount of trouble, it is simply not worth the risk. Purchase your seeds online from Kind Seed so that you can have a steady inventory of seedlings ready to maintain your maximal growing limit.

Buying Cannabis and The Apache State

Arizona was home to many bloody battles between the Apache natives and the European settlers. Although this culture descended originally from regions in Alaska and Northern Canada, they eventually followed the migration paths of various animals to settle in the Pacific Southwest in places like Arizona and New Mexico. The climate is ideal here for year-round cannabis cultivation, so cannabis is sometimes made a little more affordably here than other parts of the country.
You can buy your marijauana seeds from a number of different sources, but the Kind Seed Co is the only name you need in your rolodex for a reliable source of popular indica, sativa, and hybrid strains that you can grow indoors or outdoors. Experience the simplicity of our online ordering platform, and get your seeds shipped to you for free anywhere in the USA. If you are away on a business trip, you can even shop from your mobile phone and have your seeds shipped to your home address to be ready when you return home.

Arizona Seed Bank: What is it?

A seed bank is just what it sounds like – a bank for seeds. In our case, the Kind Seed Co specializes even further. We are a seedbank for cannabis seeds, including those medicinal hemp strains and even autoflower seeds that can be grown any time or year with relative ease. We have deep roots in the cannabis industry, and a competitive edge on other seed banks who do not offer the same guarantees and selection that we do. When you want a reliable reputation and a commitment to kind customer service, you can bank on us. Kind Seed is the modern-day alternative to seeking out local seed cultivators. We ship quality tested products from within the USA, which guarantees you a timely delivery and helps create more US jobs. Check back frequently, as our menu is often upgraded as new hybrid strains come out.

Is it Legal to Buy Weed Seeds in The Valentine State?

Proposition 207, first appearing in the senate as the ‘Smart and Safe Act’ or SSAA, has now made it easier than ever for cannabis advocates to take up growing the wonder-plant themselves. Under the act, individuals who have a past offence with possession under one ounce or growing fewer than six plants have the option to get their record expunged. It has been legal to buy dormant seeds for decades, since they have no active form of THC. In other words, because you can’t grind up and smoke cannabis seeds for a mental high, there is really no perceived risk to possessing them. To grow cannabis seed takes several weeks, even months, so law-enforcement has not considered the seeds to be a targetable offense.
Arizona is only called the Valentine State because the date it was admitted to the union back in 1912 was on February 14th. Why not start your ganja garden today in order to reap a harvest in time for Valentine’s. Even if you are new to the sport, we guarantee that with a little practice you will love the convenience and cost-savings of growing your own medicine. Order up some Love Potion or Chocolope seeds to satisfy your lover’s weed cravings this Valentine’s Day. Alternatively, if you are single, you can invest your energy into the 6 feminized plants in your spare room – they need all the love they can get in order to blossom into top quality sinsemilla.

Medical Marijuana in Arizona

Medical marijuana history in Arizona goes back a little farther than the timeline for recreational use. Although medical cannabis was first approved here in 1996 (Proposition 200), this was essentially thrown out because of the heavy conflict with overarching federal law. The draft was revised and resubmitted in 2002 (as Proposition 203), but this failed with a 42.7% vote. When Prop 203 was finally re-submitted in 2010, it squeezed past the first screening with 50.1% in favor. This began the framework for medicinal users to be more comfortable finding safe access to their medicine and began to bring an influx of cannabis revenue in the form of additional taxes to be used towards civil infrastructure.
After Proposition 203 was passed into law, patients could possess up to 2.5 ounces of marijuana with their doctor’s signed consent. Although medical consumers and growers still exist in marijuana, the process has become a lot less cumbersome now that many people can go the recreational route and save all the administration troubles that these medical applications posed to the system. High CBD strains and other medical marijuana products are a favorite among our Arizona cannibus growers. Consult with Kind Seed Col before you look elsewhere for affordable medicinal seeds.

Photoperiod Seed and Auto-flower Weed Seeds in The Valentine State

We have alluded to auto-flower seeds above, but what on earth are they? Autoflowering seeds have been infused with a generous helping of genetic material from a strain in the ruderalis family of cannabis plants. The ruderalis class of plants developed an evolutionary ability to flower in long-light situations, like the long summer days of Northern Siberia, and other regions north of the 60th parallel.
Photoperiod seed strains are the variety that most old-school growers are familiar with. These like lots of light exposure during vegetative stage for growth but will only begin to flower once the schedules changes to 12 hours of light followed by 12 hours of dark. Because in some northern regions it stays light out for 18-24 hours a day, naturally occurring native cannabis plants found a way to adapt and survive.
By crossing in these advantageous traits, cannabis breeders harnessed this automatic flowering ability so that growers don’t have to fuss with the lighting schedule. Southern States like Arizona already have roughly a 12/12 light schedule in the peak growing season of summer and fall, but indoor growers can keep their indoor plants under 20 hours of constant light every day to keep them growing even as the flowers develop. As a by-product of the ruderalis input, autoflowering plants will also cap out at a shorter height when compared with their photoperiod counterparts. The trade-off is a quicker harvest that is less prone to problems with light leaks or cold temperature fluctuations. When you buy marijuana seeds of the autoflowering variety, you are sure to save yourself a few headaches when you come to the growing world with little green thumb experience. Perhaps try an autoflowering CBD seed option and cut yourself some slack until you have a few successful harvests under your belt.

Buy Reg Seeds in Arizona

When you hear of reg seeds among the offerings of pot seeds for sale at a given seed bank, this is an abbreviation of regular. Most marijuana seeds for sale before the 1990’s were, by default, regular seeds. These are just as they are reproduced in nature, with no interference from genetic manipulation or selective breeding practices that require human intervention. When growing reg canabis seeds, the grower should expect that there could be a 50/50 ratio of male and female plants, although this can vary greatly from grow to grow.
Buying regular seeds these days is not as common since feminized seeds ensure the grower gets a much higher proportion of female plants. Since the female plants really do produce the best trichome-rich buds, male plants only become of interest when it comes to producing new seeds. Because pollination happens in such a widespread and discreet manner, it is not an option to produce good buds and quality seeds in the same room or garden. Leave the seeds to us and focus on growing the best marijauna that you can – be it from regular or feminized seeds!

How to Buy American Seeds in Arizona

Although great cannabis strains have been developed in Amsterdam, Australia, Spain, and elsewhere the best cannabis seeds come from right here on American soil. The more distance a seed has to travel, the more risk that can be caused by poor handling or introduction to disease or poor conditions that reduce the seeds viability. Kind Seed Co ships quality-tested American seeds from within our own borders. Our US breeders are committed to the proper testing and quality assurance measures to ensure that our great reputation in the industry is upheld.

Judicial Districts of Arizona

The District of Arizona is one of the country’s 94 judicial districts that handle the majority of the criminal and civil cases at the state level. There are more than 50 districts because some states have multiple divisions because of size, for northern, middle and southern in the case of Florida. Even though Arizona state has but one district, there are courts for the district held in Phoenix, Prescott, Tucson, Yuma, and Flagstaff.
The Phoenix division contains the Gila, La Paz, Maricopa, Pinal, and Yuma counties. The Prescott division covers the Apache, Coconino, Mohave, Navajo, and Yavapai counties. Finally, the Tucson division is assigned duty over the following counties: Graham, Greenlee, Pima, Cochise, and Santa Cruz.

Most Popular Arizona Cities to Grow Marijuana

Arizona offers ideal landscapes for growing, so it is no wonder that there are large quantities of cultivators across the state. The following cities have a rich growing scene, filled with cultivating experts and those brand new to the game.


Phoenix is not only the most populous city in the state, but at 1.66 million it ranks as the 5th most populated city in the entire USA. Known for warm sunny temperatures year-round, phoenix is a popular destination for retirees, sun-chasers, and those who love to garden! Growing cannabis outside in Phoenix really could not get any easier. It is relatively dry, with an average of 33 days out of the year having some precipitation. This totals no more than 9 inches of rain per year when the national average is 38 inches of rain.
Growing in a greenhouse can be very successful as well, since this reduces the humidity loss and also cuts down on the number of interventions needed for bugs and other animal pests. If anything, phoenix may get too much sun in the hot summer months, so you may need to shade your outdoor plants in the evening before the sun goes down if you are growing a photoperiod strain that requires 12 hours of consecutive dark in order to trigger flowering.


If you are buying cannabis seeds for sale in Tucson, this means you are likely to plant those same seeds in Tucson as well. Tucson has the authentic Southwestern experience of horse ranches, cactus-filled national parks, and some bold BBQ flavors. Take a huge doobie out for a hike amongst the giant saguaro cacti in Saguaro National Park. These monsters bear edible purple fruit and flowers that are actually the state flower for all of Arizona. Some can grow between 12 and 20 meters in sight, quite a sight to behold, even if you aren’t high!
Other great places to explore while in the region are the Sabino Canyon for rugged hiking trails, the Madera Canyon for epic bird watching, or Catalina State Park for an overnight camping trip. Growers in Tucson are allowed up to the same state-wide limit of six cannabis plants per adult (up to a max of twelve plants per household).


Less than 20 miles east of Phoenix, Mesa, Arizona is home to many artifacts from the native Hohokam people who resided there nearly two thousand years ago. If history is of interest to you, then check out the Arizona Museum of Natural History that displays real dinosaur skeletons from nearby dig sites in the Mesa region. There is also the i.d.e.a Museum in Mesa, which is targeted toward families with young children (stands for Imagination. Design. Experience. Art.) 420 friendly parents are sure to get a kick out of the great hands-on activities and imaginative play options found throughout the facility.
As with most up-and-coming urban centers, Mesa has a full spread of options when it comes to superb dining and shopping opportunities. Grab some authentic southwest cuisine or simply take a pipe and some good bud down to the banks of the Salt river with some take-out pizza or Chinese food. The Mesa Arts Center is an impressive $95 million facility which offers inspiring performances and engaging displays that are relevant to modern culture. Great for an afternoon of meandering with a friend while you get to know one another. Whether it is the arts, culture, food, or sporting events that bring you to visit Mesa, there are a lot of great ways for you to spend your down time while you are there.


Drive a little further south of Mesa (22 miles southeast of Phoenix) and you will arrive in Chandler. Considered a suburb of Phoenix, with a population of roughly 250,000, there is a dense suburban feel here that is dominated by young families and first-time homeowners. This place is also full of unique festivals and one-of-a-kind experiences that you can share with the whole family. There are seven championship golf courses, dozens of worldwide cuisine options, and a vintage 1880’s era train that you can ride at Desert Breeze Railroad.
Because of its location just off the well-beaten path, tourists can find some reprieve here from the action-packed streets of Phoenix or Tucson. If you live in Chandler, this is a popular choice for finding affordable housing in a region that still gives you access to modern big-city amenities. Although it wasn’t named after the warm-hearted and jovial character from America’s favorite sitcom Friends, you will get the same sense of satisfaction and friendly company when you spend the day in this great neighborhood.


With a similar population to that of Chandler, Glendale is a city located roughly 9 miles northwest of Phoenix and was built up from the ground beginning in the late 1880’s. prior to the early development here, Glendale was once nothing but barren desert. Now this city is home to many new businesses in the tech space and also home to many self-employed individuals and entrepreneurs. With the new recreational laws passed in 2020, Arizona is now also on the watch list for craft cannabis producers and other marijuana-related businesses like dispensary tours, head shops, and vaping lounges. Maybe Glendale is the right neighborhood for you if growing in a discreet indoor basement is in your plans for the near future.
Wherever you find yourself in the great sunny state of Arizona, we are confident that you will find the tools and support you need to generate a successful Cannabis growing routine. We have the seeds that can get you started, and there will be many options for nearby stores for helping you get the hydroponic gear, LED bulbs, liquid nutrients, or whatever else you might need to complete your home grower’s toolbox.

Buy High CBD Seeds in Arizona

Trying to buy marijuana seeds at a recreational dispensary can be quite difficult, depending on what you are looking for. Most strains are the high-THC variety that production growers and extract makers are looking for. It can be difficult to find a good strain of CBD seeds, despite the real benefit they can bring to those suffering from pain, anxiety, or inflammatory diseases like Crohn’s and Arthritis.
If you are ready to try growing some CBD seeds yourself, we have a variety of weed seeds for sale online that can satisfy this need. Check out the Kind Seed Co strains below that have a high CBD content and varying degrees of growing difficulty.
CBD Kindseed 1 to 30
For those that desire the non-psychoactive relief from back pain or migraine headaches that can allow you to function in your normal capacities, Kind Seed’s featured 1 to 30 CBD strain is an ideal choice for you. With 30 times more CBD than THC, there will only be enough of the psychoactive cannabinoid present to help with the entourage effect of cannabis, not enough to actually get you high. These are highly sought-after medicinal seeds that can also help with sleep problems, anxiety, and other neurological issues like Alzheimer’s and depression.
CBD Strawberry 1 to 25
This is a phenomenal-tasting strain born from the parents of Switzerland Strawberry and an undisclosed CBD rich strain. With a 65 day growing cycle, this beauty can bring you nice CBD rich flowers to the tune of 400 grams per square meter of growing space. That translates to over 130 ounces in just a 10 foot by 10 foot growing room. The buds will take on a noticeably fruity aroma and mature with a satisfactory squishy texture that cures well and is easy to grind up and smoke. High CBD options like this one are also a great candidate for making cannabis tinctures and other extracts that require high cannabinoid contents.
CBD Critical Mass
Critical Mass is a long-time favorite indica strain found throughout North America and has now been combined with the power of CBD to bring a new level of relief and therapeutic benefit to the cannabis community. This strain gives the user a long-lasting full body high that can release muscle tension, nerve pain, and also make you nice and sleepy when taken in high doses. This strain is an example of a 1:1 strain, which means there is equal THC (8%) to the CBD content (8%). When consumed, this bud will give the user a nice gentle buzz, just enough to encourage you to let go of the mental stresses and pent-up frustrations related to your chronic pain or mental suffering. A colorful strain to grow with its green, blue, and orange hues, Critical mass is a winner in terms of potent effects and ease of cultivation.
CBD Granny’s Medicine
Here comes another great 1:1 strain option, except this time expect closer to 18% of each of the major cannabinoids. This sweet and cheesy strain will tempt you with her huge glimmering colas and purple-hued sugar leaves. The scent is reminiscent of skunk with cream cheese, and the plant can develop massive yields of up to 800 grams per plant. When considering CBD pot seeds for sale in your Arizona grow room, Granny’s medicine is a high contender for a strain that produces consistent results and a desirable phenotype that is easy to manage indoors or outdoors.
CBD Harlem Queen
CBD Harlem Queen is yet one more high-CBD strain that can bring up your mood on a high pain day or bring down your high if you smoke a little too much wedding cake strain (which can contain 25-30% THC). Because CBD counteracts the psychoactive action of THC, strains like Harlem Queen can be helpful to have nearby in the event that you or a friend are greening out. This earthy and nutty strain has a sweet mint-like finish and will be easy to trim because of the high bud to flower ratio.
There is so much to consider when starting to grow cannabis from seed, and we want you to enjoy the process as much as possible. The Kind Seed Company is passionate about getting quality cannabis seeds in the hands of American’s who are passionate about growing a good product. Cannabis is the herb of choice for those who like to share, so the more that we have to go around the better. Thank you for consulting with our database of cannabis cultivation info, and should you require any further assistance is determining which strains to grow in your region you can reach out to our customer service team or submit an inquiry though our web contact form. Good luck and happy growing!


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For everything cannabis related in Arizona State, please see the following frequently asked and answered questions on growing marijuana from seed with Kind Seed Co. We had more to share with you, but our pup Toto wants to go for a walk so check back later for more Kind Seed Co faqs. We are not lawyers and this should be considered legal advice. Please read below at your own risk.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, buying marijuana seeds is legal in Arizona. Each household is allowed up to 12 plants for homes with two or more adults residing there.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, buying cannabis seeds in Arizona is legal. Some spelling mistakes for cannabis include canabis, cannibis, cannabus, canabus and more that we will share with you another time.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, buying weed seeds in Arizona is legal. Spelling mistakes for weed seeds include weedseed, weedseeds and weed-seed as well as others we will leave to the imagination.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, you can buy pot seeds in Arizona legally.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, growing cannabis seeds in Arizona is legal. So is growing pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds and marijuana seed. Each household can have a maximum of 12 plants for households with 2 or more adults.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Arizona ?

    Visit Kind Seed Co and search over 450 cannabis strains until you find the perfect seeds for your home garden. Simply add to cart and checkout paying for your order. Orders will be shipped next business day by USPS in unmarked packaging. Tracking will be shared with you ahead of time by email so you can watch your mailbox for the delivery!

    Are Arizona Seeds grown in Arizona ?

    No, its very unlikely someone advertising Arizona Seeds are grown in Arizona. The legal market is very immature and will take time for legal producers to grow Arizona seeds in Arizona. First, the regular seeds with both and male and female will be available. Then after some number of years, feminized seeds and autoflower seeds will follow. Most states do not have domestic production for female or automatic seeds.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Arizona ?

    Currently the Arizona Department of Health Services has been tasked with completing this task. During the legalization process the Arizona Cannabis Chamber of Commerce and Arizona Dispensaries Association were key in  helping pass Proposition 207.

    Is Recreational Use legal in Arizona ?

    Yes, recreational use is legal in Arizona. Adults can carry up to 28 grams of cannabis flowers or 5g of concentrates.

    Is Medical Use legal in Arizona ?

    Yes. The recreational program is probably better suited but here is the medical program link.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes. Homes with 2 or more adults can grow up to 12 cbd plants from seed.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Arizona ?

    Yes, growing autoflower seeds is legal in Arizona. Adults can grow 3 mature and 3 immature plants at any given time. If you have two or more adults in the house, then a total of 12 plants is allowed.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Arizona ?

    It is legal to consume cannabis in private in Arizona.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Arizona ?

    Yes! Adults can carry up to 28grams of marijuana flowers or 5grams of cannabis concentrates in Arizona.

    Cannabis Seeds For Sale in Arizona

    Cities in Arizona

    • Apache Junction
    • Avondale
    • Benson
    • Bisbee
    • Buckeye
    • Bullhead City
    • Camp Verde
    • Casa Grande
    • Chandler
    • Chino Valley
    • Coolidge
    • Cottonwood
    • Douglas
    • El Mirage
    • Eloy
    • Flagstaff
    • Florence
    • Fountain Hills
    • Gilbert
    • Glendale
    • Globe
    • Goodyear
    • Guadalupe
    • Holbrook
    • Kingman
    • Lake Havasu City
    • Marana
    • Maricopa
    • Mesa
    • Nogales
    • Oro Valley
    • Page
    • Paradise Valley
    • Payson
    • Peoria
    • Phoenix
    • Prescott
    • Prescott Valley
    • Queen Creek
    • Safford
    • Sahuarita
    • San Luis
    • Scottsdale
    • Sedona
    • Show Low
    • Sierra Vista
    • Snowflake
    • Somerton
    • South Tucson
    • Surprise
    • Tempe
    • Tolleson
    • Tucson
    • Winslow
    • Youngtown
    • Yuma


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