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Named for our first president and founding father, George Washington, this place has been a crockpot of political stew since 1800 when congress held its first session. Because of the need for an outside authority, separate from the states themselves, the nation’s capital is its own district, capable of running a country without bias. Where weed is concerned here, we are moving in the right direction, though laws seem to be grey and ever-changing.
Early history saw this place as a fledgling capital, rife with all her inherent land and indigenous population crises. The early Algonquian-speaking peoples inhabited the Potomac area and were effectively forced out by European settlers who would lay savage claim to the territory in the 1700s. During the formation of the United States, in 1788, James Madison would submit that there would have to be a separate district in which an impartial government could safely operate, away from the draw or influence of any state over its leadership, and a fledgling D.C. was born. This came from the Pennsylvania Mutiny of 1783, which, through a coup in Pennsylvania, emphasized the need for a separate congress by calling to light the vulnerability of a government tied to any outside state. Finally, the compromise of 1790 between Madison, Jefferson, and Hamilton concluded that the government would pay debts incurred during the American Revolutionary War in exchange for a place for a new government to set up shop in the south.
Geographically, we sit on the Potomac River, bordering Maryland and Virginia. We boast nearly 7,500 acres of parks and wilderness, quite a large number for a town made up of just 68.34 square miles. This makes D.C. the second highest in the country for percentage of parks, to overall land. The Anacostia and Rock Creek Rivers feed the Potomac and there are several other water sources, rivers, and creeks which run underground and have been used to divert water throughout the city for centuries. In designing Federal City, Pierre L’Enfant envisioned a capital surrounded by beautiful gardens and that is what he and his team accomplished. There are dozens of parks throughout the beltway and all of them are well kept and gorgeous, setting an example, just like our leaders should be doing. The National Park Service now manages the nearly 10,000 acres of city land, including Rock Creek Park, the fourth-oldest in the nation, National Historic Park, Theodore Roosevelt Island, Columbia Island, Fort Dupont Park, and Meridian Hill, just to name a few. There are many wildlife species here, as well, though the past couple hundred years have seen human populations boom to the point of wiping out nearly all endemic characters. What we have left are the long time scavengers of the wild. Raccoons, coyotes, deer, rats, and their predator, the owl, is all that is left here, as well as, some transitory bird populations. This place is primarily city and politics-centered, so, even though there are many pretty places to picnic here, they are for the most part manicured and most of them are open year-round to the public, though you cannot be smoking any weed there!
The climate here, aside from the political one, is classified as humid-subtropical, perfect for growing weed. Even those long flowering sativas this country’s hemp industry was originally founded upon, and upon which our declaration has been enshrined have space and time to flourish here. Though this stretch of land has seen as much as 15 inches of snow in the winter, temperatures of around 50-60°F are more common and the season is generally mild. Every four to five years, however, there is a freak winter with lower temperatures and masses of snow, typical of east-coast patterns. These storms are referred to as a nor-easter and have been known to lay anywhere up to 25 inches of snow, transforming much of the district into a brilliant winter wonderland. Summers are hot and humid, ranging in temperatures from 78-100°F while daily humidity sits at an average of around 60%. This makes for a perfect grow-space, and though the window for commercial licensing applications is currently closed, there are some dispensaries open to the adult public. The weather in the summers mixes to make for the possibility of some serious thunderstorms. Tornadoes are not unheard of in this region, though they are uncommon. Georgetown is one burrow of D.C. that has seen some damage due to run-off and flooding from summer and winter surges, though this too is uncommon, and authorities have constructed many precautions and responses to ensure the safety and security of their residents and to prevent governments from having to spend another $465 million in damages.
The District of Columbia is also filled to the brim with world-famous landmarks and places of homage. The Lincoln Memorial boasts upwards of six million visitors every year. The Tidal Basin houses the Martin Luther King, Jr. Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, the George Mason Memorial, and the District of Columbia War Memorial, and all sturdy representations of this nation’s dedication to its forebear’s sacrifice, hardship, and courage. The National Mall is a vast open space between the Capitol and the Lincoln Memorial and has been the site of many a great oration, protests, and festivals for decades. This place has been host to inspiring figures such as Martin Luther King Jr. himself, the man who was shot for his attempting to lead millions to social and racial change through the Civil Rights movements of the ’60s and whose I Have a Dream speech is still studied and celebrated by historians and rights workers every day. Abby Hoffman, the founder of the Youth International Party and anti-Vietnam protest leader who, along with six others were tried for inciting the 1968 riot at the National Democratic Convention in Chicago, has belted out messages of angst and revolt from the mount, hitting the ears of youth all over the country. This has also been the place of presidential inauguration for generations, therefore solidifying it as politically holy ground and the platform for many inspiring words, such as Obama’s poignant message of equality and compassion, delivered in his inaugural address. Needless to say, this place has seen some very inspiring, uplifting, and terrifying moments, not least of which was the insurrection of the Capitol building, wherein upset republican voters were incited to riot by none other than the sitting president himself, in an attempt to take the place by force. This has been an unprecedented few years at the White House and we, along with hundreds of millions of our fellow Americans, hope that the future will see some reconciliation and deeper understanding and acceptance.
Regardless of what recent events would have outsiders believe, there are some world-renowned places of higher education here. Georgetown University, Johns Hopkins, Trinity Washington University, and the Children’s National Medical Centre all call Washington home. D.C. also boasts one of the largest libraries in the world, the Library of Congress, and is home to the Corcoran College of Art and Design, one of the oldest art schools in the country, now the home of Georgetown’s Art and Design program. Unfortunately, this is not the place to register for early childhood education. With one of the most expensive and least efficacious systems in the country, it is a wonder why more is not being done to help the children in the heart of the nation. Due to ever-increasing problems between the school system and legislators attempting to make a name for themselves while at-bat, the registration of our future citizens into public schools has declined steadily over the last thirty years here, leading to one of the least popular education systems in America. Continuing research and development in the marijuana sector is encouraging. The Centre for Policy Planning and Evaluation and the Department of Health has released several studies regarding the positive benefits of marijuana on medical patients within the DMV, speaking to the efficacy of our lovely leaf in the City of Magnificent Intentions.
So early education has been a bust here, but we do have some of the best schools in the world and that means that we have some pretty knockout sports teams here as well. Sports are a big deal here and there are several major league teams. The Washington Capitals NHL franchise, though relatively new to the scene, has made this district proud. The Washington Wizards represent the NBA and when the MLB’s Nationals take the field, Washingtonians go wild. Aside from the numerous major-league teams here, we have a sturdy College-Ball foundation in Georgetown. The Hoyas, boasting Jack the Bulldog, have been fan favorites of the region since the turn of the century. The term Hoyas is the name given to Georgetown teams, no matter what the sport, although football is the most highly attended and attracts the largest income. Other sports boasted by this moniker are basketball, hockey, tennis, boxing, volleyball, soccer, golf, lacrosse, rowing, and sailing. Though there are many more sports waving the bulldog banner, these are some of the ones for which Georgetown University takes home the prize.
Politics reign in this region and these days the political arena has been rife with conflict. It’s a good thing we happy cannabis consumers know where to draw the line. Marijuana has a rich history in this place, and we are proud to say that our flower freedoms are increasing, almost daily. Overall, these are strange, wonderful, exciting, and terrifying times in which to be alive and there is much each individual can do to ensure prosperity and to improve the quality of our country. Positive change starts with its people and the greatness of the masses must begin with the individual journey. The threats to our personal safety, public security, and the strength of our nation have to stop if we are to be regarded as anything but schoolyard bullies. Let us leaf-lovers show how things can be chill, that we do not have to fight each other just because some demagogue says so. Let us make up our own minds, geared toward the greater good, not just individual wants and desires. Indeed, the foundation of all failure is the delusion created through attachment to self and aversion to others.
We know it is not so black and white. Weed laws are not either, so be careful. Though you can buy marijuana seeds and grow a garden, it helps to know where you can and cannot go to enjoy a puff, not that there is any shortage of places to partake. Weed in D.C. is not a new thing and, though laws are a bit hazy here, to be respectful and to practice some pot-smoking etiquette will go a long way. Let us who support cannabis do so in a way that shows the nation that we can lead by example, that it is a good example and that, no matter which party you choose to side with, we can all experience an atmosphere of love for one another and acceptance of our differences because our differences are indeed what makes us stronger as a whole.

Recreational Cannabis Smoking in Washington DC

Recreational use of marijauana is still illegal in many places. Because Congress has yet to approve the majority vote of the house to legalize on the federal level, getting caught smoking on any land owned by the federal government is considered a felony. Since Washington D.C. is approximately 27% federally-owned, there are a lot of places where you cannot enjoy a joint. Although there is no place where it is legal for anyone to puff in public, it is done on the regular.
There are some places where any adult can safely use their weed without having to worry about outside pressures. These places include one’s private home or a friend’s place and private places of business like marijuana cafes, clubs, and 420-friendly hotels. There are also many festivals and events which the authorities seem to attend simply to keep the peace. Our annual National Cannabis Festival is a huge attraction, drawing thousands of peaceful potheads in the name of flying the weed banner high. Also of note is the recent High Voter Turnout Election Party and our National Cannabis Policy Summit, where experts, policy-makers, and think-tank specialists come together to talk about national regulations in an attempt to further streamline marijuana laws in our country.
A lot is going on weed-wise here, though it is still illegal to smoke in public and, as laws change and shift, like the rest of the universe, we change and shift with them.

Washington DC: How Much Weed Can You Have On You

Each adult in the District of Columbia is allowed to have two ounces on them at any given time. This is quite a lot of weed to carry around, so there should be no qualms about that. Marijauna laws in D.C. also tell us that it is okay to gift up to an ounce, as long as nothing in the way of monetary value changes hands. That means that marijuana is illegal for mass-transport, sale, or commercial distribution. Possession of more than two ounces becomes illegal and could carry a $1000 fine and up to six months in jail, though federal laws are about to shift again, and this could be obsolete by mid-2021. Sale and distribution remain illegal here for anyone other than medical marijuana patients registered under the Legalization of Marijuana for Medical Treatment Initiative of 1998 and the ensuing amendments of 2009 and 2010, which further laid out plans for the legalization of grow-operations and dispensaries, granting an avenue of access for sufferers. Overall, D.C. is a great spot for weed. Things continue to change and, though this region houses some of the most ambiguous and grey marijuana laws in the country, some concrete freedoms have been legislated. We simply recommend being smart about your weed activity. If you do not go acting a fool, there will be no penalty for you.

The DMV and Marijuana Cultivation

The Executive City has been growing weed a long time, though it was not until recently that it was legal. Each adult resident is allowed to cultivate up to six plants with no more than three in mature flowering phases. Each household with more than one adult is allowed to cultivate up to twelve plants with no more than six in mature flowering phases. This is a lot of weed, no matter what anyone tells you. Some cultivation techniques could have a single plant filling an entire bedroom, so do not be fooled by those who do not know what they are talking about.
D.C. residents, know that we are here for you, no matter what type of grow-op you have going on. Whether you are cultivating a sea of green (SOG) or making monsters under a screen (ScrOG), we salute and support you. These methods are where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy. Some options for home cultivators include a tent. These are easy to assemble, relatively inexpensive to piece together and provide a secure controlled environment for your crop. They come in many sizes, most of which can easily be tucked into the corner of a bedroom or living room and are perfect for the individual cultivating cannabis for personal use. If you prefer the outdoors for your babies, then we suggest finding the sunniest spot you can, protected from winds and invisible to passers-by. Make sure you have prepared your soil with all of the nutrients your crop will need to start, and the plants will thank you for it. If you space out the timeline of your plants, you can have three always flowering and three always vegging, no problem. Though the cooler months or round two for your grow, will be better for indicas, rather than those heat-loving sativas, because these plants were born in colder mountain climates, some even making their home in the places like the Tibetan Plateau and the Himalayan and Hindu Kush Mountain Ranges.
Do your research and take a look at what people are doing with their home-grows. It is amazing how much weed one can get from the right genetics and, when you want the beans that count, count on Kind Seed Co.

Washington DC Seed Bank: What is it?

We are the place to go when citizens of Washington DC want top-quality cannabis seeds for sale. We pride ourselves on serving all citizens of our United States. So, no matter where you are, we can get you the seeds you are looking for.
A D.C. seed bank is an online shopping experience unlike any other. Whereas now and then you may get a bag of seeds and be super stoked to pop them in the ground, through us, you can peruse dozens of strains of AAA+ grass and choose the perfect ones for your needs. We keep thousands of seeds in our vault, sealed and secure for anyone who wants to experience the popping of beans of the best quality, structure, and viability. We provide a customer satisfaction guarantee with every purchase and our blissful experts await anyone who reaches out for a helpful hand. When you want the best, shop the best. Shop Kind Seed Co.

Can I Buy Seeds in The Inside Beltway?

No resident of the Heart of the Nation has to even leave their home to find marijuana seeds for sale! As long as you have access to a computer and are fine with secure online payment options, you can buy all the seeds you like and we are happy to help you find just the right strain for you.
Dispensaries generally do not carry seeds, so it is difficult to find good genetics without knowing someone or being part of a trading circle. Just like everywhere else across the nation, marijuana seeds are legal here. You should experience no anxiety around searching for, purchasing, and collecting your seeds. Now that home-cultivation is legal as well, people throughout the beltway are making the most out of their newly purchased seeds and finding a new sense of enjoyment and satisfaction like never before.

Washington DC: Medical Marijuana

Though medical marijuana has been legal in the District of Columbia since 1998, it was not until 2013 that the first medical marijuana patient purchased their medicine through a D.C. dispensary. Federal legalization is an absolute blessing to so many medicinal users and, though there is great upheaval here at the moment, American citizens are bound to see this overdue freedom someday real soon.
The positive vote of ‘98 was a short win. The Barr Amendment was the avenue congress took to separate itself from what remains a federally prohibited substance. This piece of writing stated that the federal government could not use any funds to assist with the medical marijuana program, delaying patients’ legal access and, until the bill was overturned in 2009, there was nary a light to be found in the darkness. Finally, in 2010, the District voted to legalize medical marijuana and, as of January 1st, 2011, ailing persons all across the beltway have had the full freedom to choose.
For all those medicinal marijuana movers and shakers out there who enjoy exercising their green thumb, Kind Seed Co has lots of cbd seeds, varying in strength and THC/CBD ratios. There is a certain and very real satisfaction gifted us through cultivating our own, pure, healthy, and organic medicine. Since we are all allowed to grow up to six plants for personal use and to share amongst our healing communities, why not give it a shot? To our precious commercial cultivators, growing gorgeous green for the masses, we have some strong genetics, great for expanding the menu!

Buy Feminized Cannabis Seeds and Auto Weed Seeds in The Inside Beltway

To understand feminization, one must first know that, generally speaking, the cannibus plant repopulates through the process of pollination. This is done the old-fashioned way wherein the female stretches out her flowers and the male releases his pollen. She takes it in through her pistils and seeds are formed. Breeders will choose a healthy male and a healthy female of the two or three strains they are trying to cross at this stage and place them together for fertilization or utilize collected pollen. Feminization occurs when a female plant is stressed into producing pollen of her own. That pollen is then collected and used to fertilize whatever girls one is using to produce seeds. The result is a seed nearly completely free of any male hormones, a feminized seed that will almost certainly produce a female plant. Hermaphrodites can be common outcomes of different forms of stress throughout a female plant’s life cycle, so it pays to remain consistent with light, temperature, humidity, feeding, etc, unless you are conducting an experiment of your own. There is much literature on the subject, so we recommend doing some real research before getting into breeding. That way, you can save time, energy, and money which can be better redirected into successful experiments.
The newest craze in the cultivation of weed seems to be autoflower seeds. Whether a seed is feminized or not, and autos can be feminized as well, the plant which sprouts from it will need a strict light schedule in order to function properly and to know when to start flowering. Mother Nature takes care of this in any outdoor situation but, on the inside, it is critical to get all these factors right. The buzz with auto-flowering strains is that they flower out of maturity rather than any shift in light. These lovely creatures tend to be a bit smaller and lighter yielding than a photoperiod strain, which you have time to train before it starts to flower, and some strains are done within a couple of months. Other strains may take longer, but nothing over three months, usually, and the bud is just as good.
If you want to buy marijuana seeds, we have the best in the nation. Auto-flowering, photoperiod, fast-flowering, high-THC, medicinal weed, and multitudes of feminized options are all available at the click of a button. Trust us to deliver top-shelf beans because we truly care about giving you and your garden the best start we can!

Buy Natural Seeds in Washington DC

Our pot seeds for sale do not only come in feminized, fast, or auto-flowering packages. In the name of integrity, we have some stellar regular seeds as well. There is something special about growing all-natural marijuana seeds! Watching and waiting for them to show their sex, taking appropriate action, whether that is separation, pollen collection, direct breeding, etc., training your plants over time, and then flipping them into flower and really seeing their true colors is why so many people grow their own. Plants sprouted from natural seeds tend to be a bit stronger and are certainly more pure concerning their ancestry.
For the breeders rocking out new strains and to all the growers who prefer natural photoperiod strains, our vault is packed with all you need to make each grow, and each experiment a success.

Buy Washington DC Seeds USA

There are different reasons why folks grow weed. For generations, people everywhere have enjoyed the recreational benefits of marijuana, its medicinal relief, and its incredible beauty throughout its flowering period. Though recent events have wrought destruction upon our nation’s capital, Washington D.C. is an absolutely beautiful place, full of arts and entertainment, party politics, and, of course, pot.
There is such a great diversity of human interest here that it makes perfect sense to have a seed bank you can trust to get genetics as strong as our precious District. We at Kind Seed Co want you to know that, no matter what is happening in the world, we will always have the best weed seeds for sale online. Who knows? Maybe yours could be the bud that takes home the blue ribbon at the next country fair!

Judicial District Seats of Washington DC

Washington has been pretty hip to the fact that its citizens like their Mary Jane. Over the years, though the federal government made it clear from the start that they were not to be involved in helping with the medical marijuana program here, we got it off the ground anyway. The house has recently voted to decriminalize marijuana at the federal level, and we are just now waiting for approval from the senate.
Recent party divides have given rise to unprecedented developments in our country and we are right at the center of it all. We do not have so far to go with weed, but there seem to be some more pressing issues for our leaders to deal with right now and, given the horror show which politics in our country has become, we imagine there will be some cleanup to do in our legislative bodies before we see any finalization of more open-minded marijuana regulations.

Grow Weed in Washington DC

Regardless of the political climate here, our environment and the indoor pot palaces which our happy growers create are perfect for weed. Since before America’s independence was signed on hemp paper, we were growing great seas of green for industry, clothing, building supplies, fertilizers, and, come the 19th century, recreation.
Because the people of D.C. are allowed to grow up to six plants with no more than three in the flowering phase, it would behoove any would-be indoor grower to have a vegging tent and a flowering tent. This will ensure that you have a constant supply of top-quality weed running throughout your life and that your precious crops can remain separated and strong. For commercial growers, our beans are a perfect way to add a new strain to your repertoire and to give those beloved mothers of yours a new friend. For anyone outside, your plants may, at times, require some protection, though we do have a long season here and there is no shortage of sun. Any way you slice it, growing weed is legal here and we have the beans to get you the best start possible!

Buy Indica Seeds Online in Washington DC

There are a lot of great grows happening with our canabis seeds in Washington. Our climate is perfect, our laws are relaxed, and there are 420 festivals in open-air parks and marijuana Mondays at hipster coffee shops. County fairs complete with bud-judging competitions and the general can-do attitude fits perfectly with growing the strongest weed in the country. If you like wedding cake strain, gorilla glue, and lowryder, you can check out these heavy hitters when you want to cultivate a true stomper.
Northern Lights #5, Big Bud, and Green Crack, are three powerhouses that come together with ruderalis to deliver Kindseed XXXL Autoflower. This is a heavy-hitting, high-yielding, toe-curling cannabis. 20% THC and 1% CBD make for a balanced experience, delivered through thick berry-flavored smoke. The ancestry of this strain should speak to its prowess and potential and, given all growing conditions are met, this one may deliver up to 1000 grams without a photoperiod!
Big Bud is a Cannabis Cup crushing cross of Afghani and Skunk #1, two of the most highly prized strains in hemp history. Afghani hails from the mountainous terrain of the Hindu Kush range, while Skunk #1 was one of the first truly great weeds bred in California. They come together here to form an 85/15 indica rockstar with a 26% THC count which is capable of delivering up to 800 grams in as little as 7-9 weeks.
Afghan, the mother of all indicas, needs little introduction. Also known as a Hash Plant, this strain has been utilized by peoples of the east for millennia in the production of recreational and ceremonial hashish. This bud boasts a flavor and aroma profile of grape, incense, sandalwood, and pine, sometimes displaying hints of lavender and graphite. A mid-high THC content and a well-rounded terpene profile make this weed a true pleasure to smoke and to watch this ancient beast flower brings another level of satisfaction to the concept of home-cultivation.
Badazz Cheese is a super-frosty, high-THC combination of the infamous OG Kush and the ever-loving Cheese strains. The Original Gangsta has been a household name in the weed world since it arrived on the scene in the days of early breeding on the Californian coast. Cheese strains, originating in Europe, have found their way to the Americas and now dozens of grow-houses are putting out top-quality Cheese strains for the masses. Take this bad girl for a spin and you may never go back!
Black Sugar is an indica-dominant hybrid with some seriously stompin’ bloodlines. LA OG, Critical Mass and Black Domina strains come together to form a skunky, fruity powerhouse, designed for relaxation. This plant stays small, so it is great for indoor or DL grows, but do not let that fool you. This strain carries a 20+ THC count and is so frosty that her nearly black leaves can barely be seen come harvest time. This is a great strain for making rosin dabs or any of your other favorite extracts because a joint will get plugged pretty quick!
At Kind Seed Co, we pride ourselves on quality, selection, and integrity. When anyone wants to buy marijuana seeds, we are here to make the process friendly and fun. The nation has seen some hard times recently. 2020 was a year that we will never forget, and life has changed dramatically over the past year. A global pandemic has brought the world to its knees and continues to do so. The nation has also come to a boiling point on civil rights. There are so many questions that need to be answered and a lot of soul searching to do as far as our leaders go. Let your cultivation of marijuana be a smooth ride, a break from the insanity of party politics. Let the laws be laws and the law-makers be shown that what their constituents want is peace and justice for all.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Frequently asked and answered questions about cannabis in Washington DC. Get the latest growing marijuana news from Kind Seed Co when you see our weed seed FAQs below. Please note that this is not written by lawyers and is not to be considered legal advice.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes. Buying marijuana seeds in District of Columbia is legal.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes! Cannabis seeds can be legally purchased in Washington DC.

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, buying weed seeds is legal in DC.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds in Washington DC is legal.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, adults can grow up to 3 immature and 3 mature plants in their home as long as its not visible to the public. This includes growing pot seeds, cannabis seeds and weed seeds too.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in District Of Columbia ?

    Buy marijuana seeds online in a few easy steps. First, visit Kind Seed Co and browse hundreds of cannabis strains ready to grow for your home garden. Add a few weed seeds to cart and then checkout and pay for your seed order. Our fulfillment team will send tracking by email within 48 hours and your unmarked package will arrive in the mail in less than a week in most cases. We never share your personal information with anyone for any reason. Thank-you for shopping with Kind Seed Co.

    Are Washginton DC Seeds grown in District Of Columbia ?

    The answer is probably no. Legal markets take time to create the genetic infrastructure needed for seed production. Typically it can take many years after legalization before feminized and autoflower seeds can be produced within the state. Most states in the USA rely on European seeds for feminized an autoflowering varieties.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in District Of Columbia ?

    Initiative 71 FAQs can be found here

    Is Recreational Use legal in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, initiative 71 allows for adult consumption in private residences of cannabis for recreational purposes.

    Is Medical Use legal in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, although with recreational use legal, this program is not as beneficial as it once was.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, adults can grow up to six plants including 3 immature and 3 mature in their primary residence.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, it is legal to grow autoflower seeds at home in the District of Columbia. Adults can cultivate up to 3 immature plants and 3 mature plants at any given time.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, it is legal to consume cannabis in the District of Columbia but only in private.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in District Of Columbia ?

    Yes, it is legal to carry up to two ounces of marijuana in Washington DC.

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