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Where to Buy Cannabis Seed in The Garden State

The state of New Jersey is one of the most densely populated in the nation. New York City is a quick train ride away, but many choose to live in The Garden State which is famous for its shore, beautiful beaches, and scenic landscape. Named after the British Isle of Jersey, which is the largest of the islands in the English Channel at 45 square miles (118 square kilometers). Covering a total land area of 8,722 square miles (22,591 square kilometers), actually makes New Jersey the 4th smallest state in the entire country. Although it was not formally plastered on the state’s license plates until the year 1954, New Jersey has truly been a garden state since the mid-1800s. Many sources attribute the term to a speech given by Abraham Browning, who was the Attorney General from 1845-1850. There certainly is a lush green growing climate in New Jersey, for both cannabis and other commodity crops. With the enormous consumer base of New York to the north and Pennsylvania and Delaware to the west, there are plenty of hungry mouths to feed with New Jersey grown squash, herbs, cucumbers, corn, cranberries, peaches, peppers, apples, tomatoes, and blueberries! Most of these crops bring in annual revenue in the tens of millions and provide tens of thousands of agricultural jobs in the state.
Now that full recreational cannabis legalization is on the horizon for the state of New Jersey, consumers and gardeners alike are trying to get a grasp on where to buy their pot seeds in the Garden State. As we will go on to further explain, Kind Seed Co is the American-run seed bank that has your back with every category of cannabis seed imaginable. We carry the right assortment of indoor and outdoor cannabis seeds for growing in New Jersey so that our dedicated growers there will never get bored. The region has a moderate annual growing climate as well, which makes it an attractive destination for aspiring cannabis cultivators. Although the winters can be cold and snowy, the warm and humid summer months average between 70-80°F. This gives outdoor growers the same window of April to October that much of the Midwest has for outdoor cultivating as well.
You may have some luck in hunting out a physical brick and mortar dispensary or another souvenir-style shop to buy your weed seeds, but nothing beats the ease and freedom of shopping online. That’s right, Kind Seed Co is a one-stop online distributor of all types of cannabis seeds for you to grow at home. We will get more into the present legalities of growing your own medicine in the Garden State, but for now, just rest assured knowing that you can safely buy your medicinal seeds from anywhere in the United States from We have been in the industry for a long time and have gone to great lengths in the re-release of our web platform to make the entire checkout process as straightforward as possible. You can use a variety of payment methods and have your bulk seed order shipped discreetly to your mailbox.

Recreational Marijuana and Smoking in New Jersey

New Jersey is on the verge of becoming a fully legal state for growers and consumers of recreational cannabis. The road to acceptance of the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act took almost half a decade because there was a lot of objection after it passed in 2010. The law has been upgraded several times since then, most recently in 2019. When Americans went to the polls in November for the 2020 election, New Jersey residents voted 67% in favor of introducing recreational cannabis to the market. Six weeks later, on December 17, 2020, the New Jersey legislature set up the beginning framework for legalization in Bill A-21. Unfortunately, at the time of this writing, the bill still has not been signed and is facing further scrutiny and delays. It was commissioned to be in effect by January 1, when the new constitutional amendment takes effect. Now New Jersey residents may have to wait for another 6 to 12 months before real changes start to take shape.
Smoking cannabis while out and about is still technically prohibited in the state. There was expected to be a cap on the number of large-scale commercial cannabis producers in the state, 37 to be exact. But to qualify as large-scale, a growing location needs to be over 25,000 square feet with more than 1,000 plants. This means that small-scale growers who want to learn the craft with three or four plants in their basement or backyard greenhouse are not being made out to be enemies of the state. There may still be penalties incurred, so if you want to play it safe you can pay the $100 fee and register for an MMP identification card online. Oddly enough, while it is now legal to possess, purchase, and consume weed in NJ, there is no framework set up for how this is all supposed to operate on a day to day basis. Currently, anyone growing more than 10 plants at home could be found guilty of a felony and face a $150,000 fine or up to 10 years of jail time. Get your recreational seeds today and then write your local politicians and lawmakers to put on the pressure for home growing regulations to be established. With many people self-isolating at home, there is no need to force people out to dispensaries who could be doing very well growing their own stash at home.

Is it Legal to Possess Weed in New Jersey?

Currently, the cannabis climate in New Jersey seems very confusing for consumers of marijauana as things move forward toward legalization. The newly voted in public question #1 made room for new laws to be passed into effect, but the concrete information was limited and inconclusive. The proposition clearly outlined the taxes that would be collected from the sale of legal cannabis, but there was no mention about where people will get their supply and how much they can carry. For this reason, New Jersey residents still need to be discreet about their weed stash because possession of 50 grams or less (approximately 2 ounces) can land you up to 6 months in jail and fines up to $1000.
For members of the medical marijuana program (established in 2010), you can purchase up to 3 ounces per month. Terminally ill patients (those with an expected 12 months to live, or less) have no monthly limits. To become a licensed medical user, one needs a doctor’s letter outlying a qualifying condition as well as the non-refundable $100 application fee. Veterans, seniors, and those on social assistance will have a reduced application fee of $20. There are currently around 51,000 licensed medical patients in New Jersey. That may sound like a big number, but because of the state’s enormous population (nearly 9 million), this equates to just over 0.5% of residents. Two-thirds of people in New Jersey approve of cannabis use (67% at the 2020 polls), so this small fraction of people who are allowed to possess and use seems exceedingly small. 2021 is sure to carry more good news for friends of the flowers who live in Jersey, but there is still some red tape in the way. Pro-marijuana advocates had hoped that the legislature would have moved more quickly to approve enabling legislation, but disagreements between lawmakers and the governor over certain provisions concerning underaged people have delayed the reform. So be patient, write to your politicians, and sort out your cannabis seed stash well in advance so when the tape is lifted you are ready to germinate!

Weed Growing in The Cornerstone State

The state of New Jersey is undoubtedly an economic powerhouse in the eastern United States. It is the most densely populated of all 50 U.S. states, and also has the second-highest median household income, right after Maryland. It also has the highest proportion of millionaires per capita. This is likely due to the proximity to New York as well as the abundance of beautiful waterfront properties in areas like Hathaway Beach, Ocean Grove, and Long Beach Island. The current state of affairs with the transitioning cannabis laws in the state means that indoor growing is going to be your safest and most secure option. Whether you have a roomy crawl space that can be adapted or a spare bedroom, the most important things for growers to consider will be keeping a low profile and tending to their plants discreetly.
With the advent of modern technology, setting up a state-of-the-art indoor growing space is easier than ever. Read some grow tent reviews online first to make sure you are getting something with the right dimensions and accessories to serve you best. You will need not just the tent to keep the bugs out and the humidity in, but they also help to establish some level of privacy. Make sure that you have a good quality filtration system installed. This will keep the air clean for your plants and odor-free for your neighbors.
Growing cannabis from seed is an exciting and fruitful endeavor but keeping your plants healthy requires some devotion. When you first find your weed seeds for sale online, consider your experience level since some strains are easier to grow than others. We will give you a list further on that outlines some of the more popular cbd seeds that can be grown in New Jersey without serious consequences. The New Jersey Hemp Farming Act (established in August 2019), allows low-THC marijuana varieties to be grown for commercial purposes. To jump through all the hoops, you must first complete an application process with the Department of Agriculture and pay more fees in order to be considered. Marijauna growing at home is an unavoidable reality. Time will only tell how long it takes for the legal system to come around and regulate it properly.

What is a New Jersey Seed Bank?

Our fully equipped cannabis seed bank is happy to serve all 50 states plus the District of Columbia. What makes us a seed bank and not just your average sub-par seed distributor is our experience in selecting the best genetics combined with our highly monitored storage and distribution facility. Seeds are designed to be durable, until they sense the signs from mother nature that it is time to sprout. These signals are warmth, dampness, and sunlight. We always ship our seeds in protective packaging that keeps them viable for as long as possible. We still recommend that you place your seeds in a sealed jar in a cool dry place if you are not going to germinate them right away. Kind Seed Co has been in the business for many decades and we have only gotten better at what we do. Sourcing and storing quality American seeds is high on our priority list. After that, it is all about the customer’s experience and giving each potential grower out there the best chance at success. Every grower is bound to make mistakes when they are first starting out, and we hope that our competitive pricing and online support networks can help minimize the impact of those mistakes.
When you find a reputable and trustworthy cannabis seed bank that you feel in alignment with, everything else you require should soon fall into place. All of the lights, heaters, fans, timers, and potting mediums you need should be available to purchase online or at your local hardware stores and garden centers. Sometimes finding pot seeds for sale can be a grower’s biggest nightmare, but we make it as easy as pie. We have a carrying capacity of several hundred strains, much more than a retail store or marijuana dispensary could ever carry. Whether you are looking for autoflower seeds, high-THC seeds, or feminized seeds, there are going to be dozens of choices in each category for you to choose from. We are rarely out of stock, but when we are there will be a variety of similar strains recommended for you to try.
Our seed bank also offers the benefit of a helpful customer service line. We are available to help you place your order and finalize your payment details. Although our call center staff may have some small introductory knowledge of growing, we suggest that you do lots of your own reading and research first, since strain selection is a very personal choice. Your preferences may depend on what you need from your cannabis flower in terms of the medicinal benefit. Some folks in New Jersey may choose to smoke indica cannabis strains in the evening to have an easier time feeling sleepy and tired. Others may have no issue getting to bed at night but still wake up feeling low-energy or depressed. Our sativa strains will help users get that much-needed mood lift or creativity boost to use medicinally throughout the day. Whatever the purpose of your cannabis consumption, we are confident that you can find at least a few amazing cannabis seeds for sale here that will meet those criteria.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Crossroads of a Revolution?

This is certainly a time of great change in the United States of America. We feel like now more than ever, people need to take charge of their own lives and become more self-sufficient wherever possible. For many, this means figuring out how to grow your own marijuana. If you are a complete newcomer, then one of the first questions likely popping into your mind is where do I buy marijuana seeds? Well, by now we hope you have figured out that Kind Seed Co is here to provide for residents of New Jersey and all other states in the union. Many people are stuck at home these days going stir-crazy. Social distancing and self-isolation are the new normal and a new hobby like growing your own cannabis may give you a restored sense of purpose. There is a healing quality to spending time around plants, and the end product of this ancient herb is very versatile and useful.
After a day out exploring the Atlantic City Boardwalk or the New Jersey State Museum, imagine coming home to your lush green canopy of OG Kush plants or the potently sweet wedding cake strain. When you buy marijuana seeds online, you can really pick any strain that suits your fancy. When you find a dispensary in New Jersey that sells seeds, you will likely be cornered into deciding from the 10 to 20 different strains they may have on hand. The timeliness of this heading is exquisite as The Crossroads of the American Revolution National Heritage Area is actually a federally designated protected area that spans over 14 counties in New Jersey. This was the stage where most of the significant uprising of the American Revolutionary War took place from 1776 – 1778. Now that we find ourselves seemingly on the verge of another revolution, New Jersey seems like as good a place as any to start growing weed at home yourself for the very first time.

Medical Marijuana in New Jersey

The first medical users were permitted access to marijuana in New Jersey starting on January 18, 2010, via Bill S. 119, the Compassionate Use Medical Marijuana Act. The initial list of qualifying ailments was rather short and included cancer, glaucoma, HIV/AIDS, multiple sclerosis, muscular dystrophy, seizure disorder, Lou Gehrig’s disease, inflammatory bowel disease, Crohn’s, and any other terminal illness leaving a patient with less than a year to live.
June 2019 is when Jake’s Law was passed, which broadened the qualifying conditions to include things like chronic pain. It also expanded the number of allowable manufacturers and distributors in the state, which is ultimately great news for those wanting to make a fortune in cannabis cultivation. Once the new laws come into effect, people may even see an increase from 3 ounces up to 6 ounces of bud allowable every 30 days.

Photoperiod Cannabis Seeds and Autoflower Weed Seeds in The Crossroads of Revolution

Photoperiod seeds are the type of natural seeds that are born from nature and follow the earth’s patterns. The changing of the earth’s tilt towards the sun through its annual orbit is what lengthens and shortens our days in the Northern Hemisphere. Equatorial regions tend to develop more sativa type plants, which bask in long summer days and enjoy long flowering times of up to 3 months. They can afford to do this here because the summer lasts essentially all year long. Up in places like Northern India, Europe, and Canada there are more often native indica strains, with their shorter stature and broad leaves to soak up as much light as possible in the cooler climates. In either situation, it is the changing number of hours each day that helps each particular strain move forward from the vegetative stage to the flowering stage. Basically, more than 12 hours equals veg, and less than 12 hours equals flowering.
For most places in the United States, this phenomenon does not occur naturally until around the middle of September, so growers need to trick their photoperiod plants into flowering early. This is much easier to do indoors when you can simply flip a switch and turn out the lights. Even more simply than that, it is recommended to use an electric timer just to maintain consistency. If you have a photoperiod plant in flower and then you miss one night of turning out the lights or are even late by a few hours, this can trick the plant into thinking it is summertime again. Yahoo! Long sunny days means switching back to vegetative growth as a priority over bud development. This is highly confusing to the plant, and most often ends up in hermaphroditism. High-quality photo seeds are generally the most consistent way to grow premium bud, but you just have to keep a steady lighting schedule that encourages them through the life cycle properly.

Regular Seeds in New Jersey

Regular seeds are most definitely also photoperiod seeds, because they are naturally driven by light-cycles. But the regular term also clarifies that the seeds remain non-feminized. Feminization became a huge deal in the late 1990s and early 2000s as availability went up. With feminized seeds, only female genes are present, which keeps male plants out of your quality sinsemilla crop. Males equate to seeds in your female plants, which ruins the value of the buds or flowers as they are far less pleasant to smoke and contain a lower potency.
Regular seeds are a mixed bag of male and female genetics. As with most organisms that reproduce sexually, the odds of coming out with either gender should be 50%. Regular seeds are still of great use if individuals want to create their own seeds or attempt to develop crossing new hybrid strains on their own. Once you get the hang of growing cannabis and want to develop your craft, this can be a very rewarding and exciting venture.

Buy American Seeds in New Jersey

Kind Seed Co advocates for creating and maintaining American jobs, especially in these very trying economic times we are in. We package and ship all orders from within the USA and can provide tracking info to you as well. When you are about to buy marijuana seeds from a seed bank there are some things to keep in mind. The first things you want to know are that the seed bank uses stable genetics and proper handling techniques. Stable genetics are created when a new strain is back-crossed on itself for several generations to strengthen the selection of desirable qualities and breed-out the weaker variations. Our canabis seeds come with a certain germination rate, but you must contact our customer service team as we deal with these issues on a case-by-case basis.
For the best American marijuana seeds for sale in New Jersey, you can just open your phone, laptop, or tablet and choose from our vast menu of top tier cannibus seeds. This is the year for residents of Haworth, Allendale, Ridgewood, and Dayton New Jersey to pull up their socks and put on their gardening gloves. A homegrown cannabis cash crop is just a few clicks away.

Federal Judicial District of New Jersey

Due to size and population, some states are divided up into 3 or 4 judicial districts to manage the legal cases from bankruptcies to criminal cases. Because of New Jersey’s small size, it only requires 1 district, but there are 3 court locations in Camden, Newark, and Trenton. However, because of the massive population density here, New Jersey gets a whopping 17 appointed district judges.

Most Popular New Jersey Cities to Grow Weed

New Jersey is a unique and bustling center of tourism, business, and export. Every county in the state is considered a metropolitan area, so this means an effective coverage of amenities stretching to each corner of its small borders. Here are some of the more popular choices for people who are settling down in the Garden State.
Not only the most populated city in the state, but Newark is also home to the busiest shipping container port on the U.S. east coast. It is also home to one of the country’s busiest airports. Some popular sights to explore here include Branch Brook Park and other spaces where you can observe the nation’s largest collection of cherry blossom trees. Newark gets a pretty consistent 6-9 days of rain each month through the year, which yields an annual rainfall of 46 inches (8 inches more than the national average).
Jersey City
Jersey City is right out on the water overlooking Ellis Island and the Statue of Liberty. Many jobs here are in the fields of shipping, logistics, and retail. There are also many high paying jobs in the financial district and public sector jobs. There is not much room to grow your cannabis outdoors in the tightly packed high-rises found here, but perhaps some self-contained indoor growing pods might be an option you can explore if you live here.
Paterson has earned the nickname of Silk City for its heavy role in silk production. A rich multicultural diversity can be found here. About 20 miles inland from Jersey City, there is more of an urban feel with a large inner city and a high rate of arrests. On the flip side, there is a large assortment of accessible parks, museums, and even an old caste from the 1890s that you can explore near Garret Mountain.
Originally called Elizabethtown when it was settled in 1664, this place is clearly named after the British Queen. But you would be mistaken! This Elizabeth was actually the wife (and cousin) of one of the first English colonizers George Carteret. There was also once a powerful presence of the textile industry here. This place has hot humid summers and cold breezy winters. Elizabeth was rated by popular mechanics in 2008 as one of America’s top 50 greenest cities.
This city’s namesake is perhaps an easier one to guess correctly. Thomas Edison set up his home laboratory here in 1876 where he eventually invented the first commercially scalable electric light bulb. The city continues to be a magnet for great minds, thanks to its amazing public and private school system and plenty of jobs in technology and manufacturing. You should have no problems finding places to buy your grow lights in the town where the light bulb was invented!

Buy High CBD Seeds in New Jersey

Because of the slow-turning wheels of legalization in the state of New Jersey, people are limited in terms of what they can grow legally. Those who want to get a jumpstart on learning how to grow can at least explore their skills with high-CBD, low-CBD strains. Although some of these may have enough THC to give the user a slight buzz, most are designed with the anti-inflammatory properties of CBD as their primary purpose.
CBD Kush Autoflower
For those who love the idea of growing some classic Kush that does not have the same heavy and sleepy high, this is a great choice! The strain takes its auto-flowering qualities from the 50% ruderalis genes that make this beauty so unique. The other parents are OG Kush Auto and Auto CBD, giving yield to a 15% indica / 35% sativa split for the remainder of its heritage. What we get here is a 2:1 strain that has 14% CBD and 7% THC by dry weight. She is a fine strain to grow outdoors, yielding anywhere from 2 – 6 ounces per plant depending on your choice of soil and how you train them. Many growers will opt to plant indoors for privacy’s sake. This will typically average you 14 – 16 ounces per square foot after a 70 – 80 day flowering phase
When you light up a spliff of CBD Kush Auto, you can expect to detect an aroma of diesel and lemon, as the strain is particularly high in the terpene Limonene. This makes for a resulting smoke that elevates the mood and relieves the tension from chronic stress. On a therapeutic level, this strain can help reduce the severity and frequency of muscle spasms and epileptic seizures as well as chronic pain from past injuries or arthritis.
CBD White Widow Autoflower
White Widow is one of those infamous cannabis strains that will live on in popularity for ages to come. The Cannabis Cup-winning hybrid strain was crossed with a high CBD auto-flowering strain to get this 10% THC / 10% CBD outcome. Like many of the auto-flowering varieties, this strain does not grow very tall, topping out at 2 to 4 feet. The yields end up being exactly the same as those listed for the strain above, for both indoor and outdoor grows. For growers who want to try advanced growing techniques like the Sea of Green (SOG), this strain lends very well to this strategy. This is where multiple plants are grown at the same time and lightly stressed to expand their canopy.
This sweet and floral CBD strain helps relieve anxiety, depression, and symptoms of arthritis as well as migraines and other sources of chronic pain. This one is easy to grow, as it comes with some inherent pest resistance and mold resistance too. All auto-flowers are considered by some to be easier to grow because they will bloom consistently at the same point in their life cycle no matter what schedule of light and dark they are subjected to. It will not get you super stoned the way standard White Widow can (up to 30% THC), but it has the same smooth flavor and cruisy effects in a more balanced delivery.
CBD Granny’s Medicine
Here is another 1:1 strain that kicks it up a notch from the one listed directly above. Granny needs her medicine nice and strong, so we present to you a golden nugget of 18% THC / 18% CBD goodness. Genetically, this one descends from the Cheese lineage of strains. When mixed with an unknown CBD strain, it delivers a mostly indica high that calms both the body and mind. Users report feeling happy, relaxed, euphoric, uplifted, and creative. Even if you are not granny-aged yourself, a few tokes of this strain before a long day of sightseeing can go a long way in keeping your sore feet and back pain at bay.
It may not be auto-flowering, but it sure is quick flowering, at just 8-9 weeks. It tends to grow one nice massive bud at the centre, so also lends well to growing in a SOG arrangement. The colors can be quite impressive with dark red hairs scattered over glistening buds and purple sugar leaves. You can even combine some of your final trim after growing this one to whip into a special version of grandma’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe.
CBD Strawberry 1 to 15
This strain is considered one of the true high CBD options out there. It is ideal for users who do not want the psychoactive high. CBD Strawberry has approximately 15% CBD and less than 1% THC. This means lots of relief from physical and mental pain without the by-product of getting stoned. The sweet taste of fresh strawberries is faint, but noticeable. What an amazing selection for growing in your Upper Montclair home or Mountain Lakes underground bunker. New Jersey is full of seniors, health professionals, and athletes who are looking for a strain just like this that lets you beat your pain and inflammation while maintaining clarity of mind.
If you are shy of roller coasters, CBD Strawberry may be your best friend in beating the jitters before embarking on one of New Jerseys popular waterfront amusement parks. On the shores of Atlantic City is one of America’s oldest amusement parks, the Steel Pier, which was built in 1989. One hour south near the tip of Point May is Morey’s Piers and Beachfront Waterparks, which features tons of different family-friendly rides, shows, and of course carnival food. After a long day on your feet, come home to another Strawberry pre-roll and laugh while you recall all the fun memories you made on the Jersey shore.
CBD Sugar
This last option for New Jersey CBD lovers gives the highest ratio of CBD:THC, 25% to 1% respectively. The name is imparted to this strain from the glamorous appearance of the crystal-studded buds. This strain has incredible vigor, growing tall and sturdy to completion after just 8-9 weeks of flowering. With inherent mold resistance, this one is a good choice for beginner growers getting used to their indoor climate control setup. The compact buds not only look fantastic but smell and taste great too. A noticeable waft of lemon and earthy pine will greet you as soon as you step foot in your home growing room, so get ready to be pleasantly greeted with this aroma every day until you harvest.
Once it is properly dried and ready to smoke, the CBD sugar strain imparts great medical benefits with its 25:1 ratio. Users are not likely to feel any noticeable high at all but should feel their physical stiffness and stressful thoughts start to melt away minutes after consumption.
We encourage you to check back to our site frequently, as we are always adding new and exciting strains to the menu as well as an ever-increasing database of helpful articles for our American home growers. Thanks for choosing Kind Seed Co and we appreciate your business.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Kind Seed Co offers the latest cannabis culture updates in New Jersey. Our team of writers are not lawyers and this should not be used as legal advice. We are bean farmers, seed merchants and green thumbed artists so read on at your own risk. Check back regularly for updates on growing weed from seed in NJ from your friends at Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in New Jersey ?


    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in New Jersey ?


    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in New Jersey ?


    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in New Jersey ?


    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in New Jersey ?

    No. Unless you have a license to grow commercially, there is no framework for growing at home. We see this as a missed opportunity to inspire gardeners to grow their own medicine organically with as few additives as possible. Growing pot seeds, marijuana seed and cannabis from seed is not created in the existing legal framework. New Jersey has a legal industry that is in its infancy and it might take to get all the people in charge to agree on how to roll it out properly. We are hopeful to see cultivation discussions in the Senate anytime as the New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission does not have the authority to regulate or permit home growing.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in New Jersey ?

    Buying cannabis seeds online is a simple process. Visit a web-based seed bank and choose some strains to collect. Check out and pay for your order using your favorite payment method. Shipping is normally less than one week and you will get an email with tracking. Kind Seed Co carries over 500 strains and is priced well compared to other sites. Choose Kind Seed Co for your weed seed collection.

    Are New Jersey Seeds grown in New Jersey ?

    No, its unlikely that any state with less than 5 years of legal industry has a reliable source of cannabis seeds grown in state. This is especially true for specialty seeds such as autoflower or feminized seed. The infrastructure in both genetics and expertise is extensive to produce reliable genetics with a large number of strains to choose from. Kind Seed Co has 500 for example.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in New Jersey ?

    Is Recreational Use legal in New Jersey ?


    Is Medical Use legal in New Jersey ?


    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in New Jersey ?

    Unless the CBD seeds are classified as hemp, then typically no its not legal with out specific licensing.

    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in New Jersey ?

    No, unless you have a license to cultivate then you are not legally allowed to grow autoflower seeds.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in New Jersey ?

    Yes. Adults can purchase and carry up to one ounce of marijuana. Consumption

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in New Jersey ?

    Yes, adults can carry up to one ounce of cannabis.

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    • Mantua Township
    • Manville
    • Maple Shade Township
    • Maplewood
    • Margate City
    • Marlboro Township
    • Matawan
    • Maurice River Township
    • Maywood
    • Medford
    • Mendham Township
    • Metuchen
    • Middlesex
    • Middletown Township
    • Midland Park
    • Millburn
    • Millstone Township
    • Milltown
    • Millville
    • Monroe Township
    • Montclair
    • Montgomery
    • Montvale
    • Montville
    • Moorestown
    • Morris Plains
    • Morris Township
    • Mount Arlington
    • Mount Holly
    • Mount Laurel
    • Mount Olive Township
    • Mountainside
    • Mullica Township
    • Neptune Township
    • New Brunswick
    • New Hanover Township
    • New Milford
    • New Providence
    • Newark
    • Newton
    • North Arlington
    • North Bergen
    • North Brunswick
    • North Caldwell
    • North Haledon
    • North Hanover Township
    • North Plainfield
    • Northfield
    • Norwood
    • Nutley
    • Oakland
    • Ocean City
    • Ocean Township
    • Ocean Township
    • Oceanport
    • Old Bridge Township
    • Old Tappan
    • Oradell
    • Palisades Park
    • Palmyra
    • Paramus
    • Park Ridge
    • Parsippany-Troy Hills
    • Passaic
    • Paterson
    • Paulsboro
    • Pemberton Township
    • Pennsauken Township
    • Pennsville Township
    • Pequannock Township
    • Perth Amboy
    • Phillipsburg
    • Pine Hill
    • Piscataway
    • Pitman
    • Pittsgrove Township
    • Plainfield
    • Plainsboro Township
    • Pleasantville
    • Plumsted Township
    • Point Pleasant
    • Pompton Lakes
    • Princeton
    • Prospect Park
    • Rahway
    • Ramsey
    • Randolph
    • Raritan
    • Raritan Township
    • Readington Township
    • Red Bank
    • Ridgefield
    • Ridgefield Park
    • Ridgewood
    • Ringwood
    • River Edge
    • River Vale
    • Riverside Township
    • Robbinsville Township
    • Rochelle Park
    • Rockaway
    • Rockaway Township
    • Roseland
    • Roselle
    • Roselle Park
    • Roxbury Township
    • Rumson
    • Runnemede
    • Rutherford
    • Saddle Brook
    • Sayreville
    • Scotch Plains
    • Secaucus
    • Shamong Township
    • Somerdale
    • Somers Point
    • Somerville
    • South Amboy
    • South Brunswick
    • South Orange Village
    • South Plainfield
    • South River
    • Southampton Township
    • Sparta Township
    • Spotswood
    • Springfield Township
    • Stafford Township
    • Stratford
    • Summit
    • Tabernacle Township
    • Teaneck
    • Tenafly
    • Tewksbury Township
    • Tinton Falls
    • Toms River
    • Totowa
    • Trenton
    • Union Beach
    • Union City
    • Union Township
    • Union Township
    • Upper Deerfield Township
    • Upper Freehold Township
    • Upper Saddle River
    • Upper Township
    • Ventnor City
    • Vernon Township
    • Verona
    • Vineland
    • Voorhees Township
    • Waldwick
    • Wall Township
    • Wallington
    • Wanaque
    • Wantage Township
    • Warren Township
    • Washington
    • Washington Township
    • Washington Township
    • Washington Township
    • Washington Township
    • Watchung
    • Waterford Township
    • Wayne
    • Weehawken
    • West Caldwell
    • West Deptford Township
    • West Long Branch
    • West Milford
    • West New York
    • West Orange
    • West Windsor Township
    • Westampton Township
    • Westfield
    • Westwood
    • Wharton
    • Wildwood
    • Willingboro Township
    • Winslow Township
    • Woodbridge Township
    • Woodbury
    • Woodcliff Lake
    • Woodland Park
    • Wood-Ridge
    • Woolwich Township
    • Wyckoff


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