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Ever heard the term everything’s big in Texas? Well, that may be because it is. Texas is second only to Alaska in landmass and California in population. Austin is the second biggest and most populated capital city in the country and Houston, along with Dallas Fort-Worth, make up the fourth and fifth-largest metropolitan areas in the U.S., respectively. Texas is also at the top of the list for fortune 500 companies and boasts a diversity of flora and fauna thought reserved only for the wild places of the world. Texas is home to global leaders in the areas of petrochemicals, aerospace technologies, tourism, agriculture, computers, and energy, and it has been stated that if the lone star state were its own country, it would have the 10th highest GDP in the world! Though the six flags which have reigned over this territory have brought with them much turmoil and hardship, this state has come out alright. Throughout the Spanish conquistadors, the battles for the French colonies, Mexico’s rule, and the onslaught of the Mexican-American War, the mass plantations and slave trading, to the American Civil War, post-war and restoration, Texas has seen its fair share of growing up.
The geography here, though thought by many to be primarily desert, is rich with botanical and geological diversity and wildlife abounds. Texas borders Louisiana to the east, Arkansas, and Oklahoma to the north, New Mexico to the west, and some Mexican States to the south and southwest. The elevation ranges from 0 feet, where the southeast opens up to the Gulf of Mexico, to 8,751 feet at Guadalupe Peak, and what lies between is packed with majestic beauty. Texas boasts more than 60 native mammal species, well over 200 native reptiles and amphibians, and sees the greatest diversity of birds anywhere in the country. With the mantle shifting from a continental crust to an oceanic crust at the Gulf, Texas soils include a range of ancient geology and are rich in mineral and fossil deposits, which in no doubt contributes to the masses of oil which are pumped out of the ground each minute here. Texas is packed with lakes and several major rivers weave their way through much of the state. The Rio Grande to the southwest forms much of the border with Mexico, the Red River connects to Oklahoma and Arkansas and the Sabine marks the border with Louisiana. Other rivers running through this place include the Colorado River, the Pecos, and the Brazos, and there are more than 3,700 registered lakes.
This amazing state also boasts 14 soil classifications and 11 distinct ecological zones. Given the sheer size of Texas and, due to the earth’s natural processes, geographical landmarks tend to shift over time. Though this makes individual zone classification problematic, there are many geological wonders to be visited here. They include the oaks, elms, and twisting ancient juniper trees of Guadalupe River State Park, the grasses and rolling hills of Colorado Bend State Park, the ancient rock formations of Palo Duro Canyon, and the shimmering waters of Copper Lake. These are just a few of the bursting cornucopia of outdoor locations to be enjoyed here. There are more than 80 state and national parks in Texas, and that does not include all of the rivers, lakes, or random trails and recreation areas.
Because of the immense size of this state and, due to fast and massive shifts in topography and geography, it experiences many climatic zones, and weather patterns can be erratic. Contrary to popular belief, it rains here, which is great for crops, animals, and landscapes. Measurements range from approximately 6 inches of rainfall in the west around El Paso, to 64 inches in the east and northern regions of Texas, like Dallas, sitting around the middle of this scale. The Mockingbird State also sees some winter snowfalls, which is not surprising considering the vast differences in climatic zones. The Texas Panhandle sees multiple snowfalls every year, blanketing the region for a couple of months, and, once in a blue moon, snow may fall on more southern portions of the state, like San Antonio. In 2004, the famous Christmas Eve snowstorm tore through the south and released as much as 6 inches of snow. The rare weather event was quite a shock in places that usually enjoy mild winters around 65°F. The majority of the east resides within an oceanic zone, the northwest sees a cold semi-arid climate, the southwest sees a hot semi-arid climate and the far west experiences a mix of hot and cold desert climates, coupled with the cold and hot semi-arid zones of the north and southwest. Temperatures generally range from 23°F during an Amarillo winter, to 100°F at the peak of a Laredo summer. Storms are a big concern here as well. This state sees an average of 139 tornadoes each year, the most in the country, and hurricanes here have caused close to 200 billion dollars in damage. In 2017 Hurricane Harvey surpassed Katrina as the most destructive storm on record. As far as weather and climate goes, one could theoretically experience all that mother nature has to offer in a year and never leave Texas. We should mention that Texas is the most polluting state in the country, doubling the greenhouse output of that of California, second on the list, and thought to be 7th in the world as far as carbon dioxide producers go. So far, little is being done about this environmental dilemma.
Maybe some of the bright minds who are pursuing higher education can figure out a way to combat the greenhouse gas output of the petroleum and mining industries here. The University of Texas A&M and UT at Austin are two of the most respected research universities in the country, as are Texas Tech and the University of Houston. It should be noted here that this state still practices corporal punishment in many places of early childhood education and, though nearly 30,000 children paddled each year is surpassed by neighboring states, this remains an aspect of American life that should have gone the way of the dinosaur. This state does attempt to make up for it though, as those students who graduate in the top 10th percentile of their classes are guaranteed admission to any state-funded post-secondary institution. This legislative development was the controversial answer to the Hopwood vs. Texas case, wherein Cheryl J. Hopwood sued U of T School of Law for denying her admission, even though her scores were above those of some minorities who were accepted to the program. In an attempt to curb any question as to whether the state was favoring minorities over caucasian populations, the court ruled in favor of the plaintiff, and this measure, Texas House Bill 588, was implemented to ensure no further accusations of reverse discrimination against post-secondary institutions. School districts here have the right to tax their residents and are also allowed to appropriate lands that they deem important to the prosperity of the school. Also of note is the Robin Hood Plan whereby the enormous tax revenues collected from more affluent districts are re-distributed to the poorer and less fortunate districts. This couples well with the No Child Left Behind Act, which decrees that the state must do all it can to provide education to every child, regardless of their social or economic position and regardless of the color of their skin.
Many students in this massive state design their early childhood performance around the possibility of winning a sports scholarship to one of the major schools here. Texas A&M and UTA are just a couple of the places of higher learning which offer incredible scholarships to maintain their standings as housing some of the top sports teams in the state. Besides the many college and university teams, there are many professional sports teams here as well, the most popular being the Dallas Cowboys of the NFL’s NFC East division. Other pro teams include the NFL’s Houston Texans, the NBA’s Dallas Mavericks and Houston Rockets, and San Antonio Spurs. Major League Baseball has seen something of Texas in their Houston Astros and Texas Rangers, while the NHL boasts the Dallas Stars. This place is also home to some serious artistic entertainment. Thousands visit the Grand Ole Opry each year, though the pandemic crisis has put the live entertainment industry on hold. Austin is considered by Americans to be the live music capital of the world, with more live venues per capita than anywhere else in the U.S. The Deep Ellum or Deep Elm district of the south has been home to blues and jazz since the inception of the two and has seen such faces as Robert Johnson and Blind Lemon Jefferson. Since the ’80s San Antonio has become the Tejano music capital and hosts the Tejano Music Awards each year in celebration of musical history in the state.
A focus on early education, arts and culture, and advances of the compassion aspect of our human-animal speak to the direction the friendship state is moving in and, we expect, marijuana laws continue to do the same and move in the right direction. Early marijuana history in this state saw Indian Hemp, Marijuana, or Cannabis Indica being used not only in the production of the country’s number one industrial material, but was utilized in the treatment of asthma, to expedite delivery during childbirth, and as a love-potion or witches tonic. Early Mexican farmers were known to mix this precious plant with their cigarettes, and it was often combined with the Datura plant, the high of which won it the moniker of locoweed and was the impetus behind El Paso being the first municipality in the nation to prohibit its use. Horrible reports of people on marijuana and hashish, the curse of the east, committing acts of violence and murder led to nationwide prohibition in the early part of the 20th century, and Texas, the birthplace of it all, was, until recently, the harshest where marijuana laws and penalties were concerned.
One thing which remains constant in a sea of change is that the seeds of this prohibited flower are legal. Kind Seed Co has all the cannabis seeds for sale anyone in the Mockingbird state could hope to grow. There are some designated medical marijuana cultivation facilities located throughout this state, all growing for the greater good of Texan populations. Though only some of these weeds are high-THC, there are many which are high CBD and benefitting thousands every day. Let us talk a little about just where this state is at with marijuana.

Recreational Weed Smoking in Texas

Marijuana continues to be illegal for recreational purposes, as is any marijauna product with more than 0.5% THC. Of course, there is dank weed here, but getting caught with it may land you in some trouble.
During early weed history in this state, immigrant farmers would mix some up with their tobacco and enjoy a puff throughout their day toiling in the hot sun. The early hemp crops in this part of the country were primarily of Cannabis Indica, a broad-leaved species from East Asia. Though more western states like California were growing sativa strains from Mexico and Southeast Asia, Texas focused on the stalkiness and the bushy nature of the indica variety. Smoking this herb, though an ancient practice to Afghan and Pakistani farmworkers, as well as Mexican immigrant farmers, was a new concept to Americans. The surge of recreational smoking which made its way through the colonies scared industry leaders (country designers) and, in 1915, the El Paso ban was put in place. This led to sale restrictions in 1919, further possession restrictions in 1923, and, in 1931, absolute prohibition.
Since that time, there have been a lot of marijuana movements throughout the states, but it was not until recent years that Texas began to see some leniency. In 1973, House Bill 447 brought decriminalization and, where once you could go to jail for 2 years to life for even the smallest amount of weed, this bill made possession of up to 2 ounces a Class B misdemeanor, punishable by no more than $1000 and up to 180 days in jail. 2007 brought further legislated leniency with House Bill 2391, allowing for cite and release to happen for up to 4 ounces. Local authorities throughout this state would still, however, arrest and charge for even small amounts of weed.
Through recreational legalization being shot down in the vote in 2015 and a full smoking ban implemented in 2020, there has been some serious controversy over marijuana, its cultivation, and its possible benefits. There have been lawsuits filed, one of which has guaranteed an injunction on the prohibition of the production of smokable marijuana until the case goes to trial in February of 2021.

Texas: How Much Weed Can You Have On You?

Texans are allowed to have zero cannibus on them, legally speaking. Getting caught may mean some trouble but some major municipalities throughout the state have shown us that, as long as you are respectful and not obvious or arrogant and flippant about it, you may be off the hook. However you slice it, there are some harsh penalties for marijuana possession and use, and getting caught is not recommended.
To possess 2 ounces or less is considered a Class C Misdemeanour and carries fines of up to $2000 and a possible 180 days in jail. Possession of 2-4 ounces is a misdemeanor as well but carries a fine of $4000 and up to 1 year in jail. 4 ounces to 5 pounds is considered a felony and carries a mandatory minimum of 180 days to 2 years in prison with a $10,000 fine. 5 to 50 pounds will see the offender in jail for a mandatory minimum of 2-10 years and a $10,000 fine. 50 to 2000 pounds is a minimum of 2-20 years and a $10,000 fine, and more than 2000 pounds will land you in the clink for 5-99 years with a $50,000 fine.

Cannabis Seeds and The State of Texas

Also subject to the same penalties as possession, is cultivation. When you grow plants here, the charges you could incur if caught are based on weight. If you only have a couple of plants, this could still equal some serious fines and possible jail time. Just because the 180 days for possession of up to 2 ounces and the year for up to 4 ounces are not mandatory minimums, there is every reason to believe that cops here will not just let you off the hook. There are some serious laws here, and just because marijuana regulations are moving in the right direction, does not mean that they are there already.
There is some devout activism going on here, though, and both the Republican and Democratic parties have voted favorably on a number of platforms approving marijuana reform, based upon gleaming positive evidence from places such as Colorado, Washington State, and other forward-thinking states. Another plus to this day and age is that anyone wanting to buy marijuana seeds has nothing to worry about and can have them delivered in as little as a week. Due to ever-changing laws around marijuana and its use throughout most of the states, people all over those places which have yet to see home cultivation laws are taking up the new hobby of collecting seeds, in hopes that someday soon, they will be allowed to plant them. We want all Texans to know that we support forward motion in the ways of weed and are always here to assist in the development of a stellar collection.

What’s a Texas Seed Bank?

A seed bank is a place where you can go to get the best American genetics and Kind Seed Co has all the best American weed seeds for sale online. Days of yore saw hiding and bending and scraping through the world of weed. These days, a municipality is considered behind the times if they have yet to jump on the golden goose. There are many states which have still to get the point and see the big picture. We are aware that the United States of America is just about as torn right now as it was during the Civil War, however, there is evidence that this state is well on its way to seeing some reason where pot policy is concerned.
When the day comes that we are allowed to grow our own, we recommend grabbing up some seeds. There are heaps of strains out there, the majority of which only see the light of day for a short time. It would behoove any would-be grower to snap up all these magic beans they can before they disappear into the ether. There is no limit on how many seeds one can legally have in a collection, nor is it an issue what type, or how much THC it may produce. Our selection is vast, our payment options are secure and our shipping discreet. So, get a hold of us today to get your collection started.

Can I Buy Marijuana Seeds in The Texas State?

Kind Seed Co, your American distributor, has all types of marijuana seeds for sale and all of them are available for delivery to the Lone Star State. There are no rules around starting a collection of the world’s finest cannabis seeds and we have most of them. We find the best breeders pumping out the best genetics and we hand-pick the best beans of the bunch to make sure that our clients all over the country are satisfied with their purchases. We pride ourselves on being of service, especially in places with such harsh weed laws. No matter where you are in this state, or what the weed laws are here, you can purchase, trade, collect, sell, or eat marijuana seeds, you just cannot grow them. As we wait for our beloved state to jump on board, and it is close, we collect peas from our favorite strains and get ready to grow!
All you have to do is get onto our website, scroll through the selection of strains, and take your pick. Contact us with your order info and we will communicate back to you to take payment. It is all good and easy and, when all is said and done, we get your order to you in as little as a week. Times may fluctuate and delays may occur, given the pandemic crisis, but we can guarantee you that, when you receive your seeds, they will be perfectly stored and ready for use at your convenience.

Texas: Medical Marijuana

We have seen just how sterile policies on recreational marijuana are here, and however much they may have changed over the past 100 years, medical cannabis is a bit of a different story. Aware that this is not the most compassionate state, we are not going to paint pretty pictures of medicinal patients rolling up a fatty and chilling out at the beach Galveston. Dried THC flowers are still very illegal here and for medicinal patients, there is no exception.
In 2015, legislation was passed making it legal for persons suffering from epilepsy to use small amounts of tincture or oil containing no more than 0.5% THC. In 2019, qualifying conditions were expanded to house even more illnesses and afflictions which could be treated or eased through the use of low-THC marijuana products. These maladies include but are not limited to MS, ALS, Parkinson’s, seizure disorders, and incurable neurological conditions such as Autism and Alzheimer’s.
Many dispensaries are operating throughout the state now and, while home cultivation of any herb, even low-THC varieties remain illegal, cbd seeds make a great section in anyone’s collection. It should also be noted that, through the Compassionate Use Act (Bill 339), one must be registered to be considered a medical marijuana participant. All others violate state law and are subject to the same penalties everyone else is.

Feminized Photo Marijuana Seeds and Feminized Auto Weed Seeds in The Texas State

In a state where no one is allowed to grow any weed, for any reason, aside from registered medical marijuana suppliers, there is no legal green here. However, it helps to know a bit about the plant we are all so eagerly awaiting.
Old-school growers already know the differences between photoperiod and auto-flowering strains and are familiar with their methods of cultivation. For those who are new to the 420 scene, photoperiod means that there needs to be a shift in light temperature and duration to make the plant flower. This is accomplished by running your crop on an 18/6 light schedule for vegging, utilizing the blue spectrum, and flipping them to a 12/12 cycle with the red spectrum when they are ready. This mimics the natural world and tells your ladies it’s time for the ball. Autoflower seeds do not require such shifts because they flower out of maturity, rather than photoperiod. The auto strains are generally a little smaller and a little faster to yield, depending on what method of cultivation you prefer, though the buds are just as strong. The photo strain is a little more forgiving and can be controlled and trained longer, making for generally larger yields and a stronger plant, overall.
When you want to buy marijuana seeds for your collection, make sure you are aware of these variations as they make all the difference come planting season.

Buy Reg Weed Seeds in Texas

We also have regular pot seeds for sale. Whereas many of the seeds supplied for growers have been feminized for ease and growability, we need regular seeds as well. Breeders rely on regular seeds in order to make their great creations, the strains we get to enjoy each day. Regular seeds are also a little stronger, hardier, and are more purely representative of their parent strains. These beans will pop both males and females so, for those home cultivators out there, you absolutely must watch for males in your crop if you want primo buds.
Overall, we have the strongest and most viable natural seeds in the country, and we are proud to deliver them to Texas so our breeders can have the best shot they can at getting their experiments off the ground.

Buy Texas Weed Seeds in the USA

Texas is a proud state and we at Kind Seed Co care deeply about maintaining a healthy America. Part of this health and wellness comes in the form of economy and through purchasing and collecting American canabis seeds, grown by Americans, keeps the money at home.
Texas is changing, and it will not be long before all of us are allowed to grow our own dank weed. For now, we have to let the powers that be tell us what is and what is not okay. Collect our homegrown seeds now for when the weed banner is waving beside the Lone Star and we can all plant plots of pot!

Judicial District Seats of Texas

When talking marijauana reform, some places have seen majority voting, in the house, in favor of freeing our friendly flower.
Northern regions include Dallas, Fort Worth, Abilene, San Angelo, Amarillo, Wichita Falls, and Lubbock, the home of Buddy Holly. The southern municipalities of Galveston, Houston, Laredo, Brownsville, Victoria, Corpus Christi, and McAllen, some of which remain opposed, are, for the most part, majority voters. The eastern regions of Tyler, Beaumont, Sherman, Marshall, Texarkana, and Lufkin are still quite staunch opposers of any type of weed, though the medical marijuana industry is growing in all these places. The western shields of the capital town of Austin, controversial Waco, early prohibition towns like El Paso, and the other greater municipalities of San Antonio, Del Rio, Pecos, Midland, Alpine, and Fort Hood are all becoming a bit more sinsemilla savvy.

Best Cities in Texas For Buying Marijuana Seeds

There are some massive cities in the Bluebonnet State and, regardless of the controversy which divides people and their not-so-trusted governments, all of these places have something to do with weed.
Houston, home of the Astros and headquarters of several oil and gas companies, houses a massive medical marijuana community and, though THC-weed is illegal everywhere in the state, people are certainly down to get growing here.
San Antonio is moving quickly in the right direction thanks to senator-elect, Ronald Guiterrez. This marijuana man has successfully proposed a recreational marijuana bill in answer to the state’s current financial crisis. Thanks to this guy, Texas may see some recreational weed a lot sooner than expected.
Dallas, home of the Cowboys, is in the middle of discussions surrounding misdemeanor minimums and is slated to make it illegal for authorities to charge anyone with less than an ounce of weed. What this means to those who would grow is that micro-grows, common throughout Scandinavian countries and which weigh less than this while still wet, could become an everyday occurrence in TX. Thank you, Dallas!
Austin, the state capital, is packed with festivals each year and the smell of weed is common. There is a large and growing cannabis community here and a few points of etiquette are recommended if you are going to smoke ganja here. Stay away from kids and families, do not make it obvious, be respectful and, if a cop stops you, play nice and you may catch a break. You had better believe there is weed growing here and Austinites recommend wedding cake strain, Gelato, SFV OG, and Durban Poison, just to name a few.
Fort Worth, home of NORML Texas chapter, openly holds advocacy meetings in public spaces and, because of a professional and positive approach to the realities of marijuana reform in the states, this municipality has changed its mind toward what is and is not the right way to battle this beast. This town once hailed as a contemporary version of the wild west, is now happy to hang its hat on the cannabis crutch.

Buy The Best Cinderella Cannabis Seeds Online in Texas

When you want the best, you go to the best and, as far as the United States goes, we are the very last word in quality peas. The Cinderella strain has taken the weed world by storm in recent years and has birthed a multitude of offspring capable of taking care of whatever your problem might be. Here are a few strains that have proven beneficial in the transitory times.
Cinderella Mist is a sativa dominant hybrid with an 18% THC count and up to 1% CBD. This creature that tastes like an earthy, diesel lemon, is a fantastic combination that excites even capable connoisseurs. This strain grows to medium heights and is generally ready for harvest within 9 weeks from the start of flowering.
Taskenti 99 is a 50/50 hybrid and a perfect representation of her parent strains. Taskenti and Cinderella 99 come together to form a bouquet of citrusy mint with a tangy twist. This specimen is a gorgeous one to watch flower and her fast-finishing times, around 7 weeks, make her a treat for any enthusiastic budder.
Cinderella 99, the original cool is a feminized version of the parent strain Cinderella 99. This famous cross of Jack Herer and Shiva Skunk has rocked the weed world since it arrived on the scene and has taken home multiple awards. Relatively short flowering times and up to 23% THC content make this one a heavy hitter and a welcome bean for anyone’s collection.
Cinderella Haze is a timeless cross of 99 and Amnesia Haze strains. This one is designed with the beginner at heart as it is forgiving of mistakes, will survive in a diversity of conditions, and yields huge, though the harvest falls a little later than most at around 10 weeks. This is because it is primarily sativa, which is known to take a bit longer in the sun. Overall, this is an incredible strain, and we recommend letting this monster go at least once in your lifetime.
Somango 99 is a tropical flavored combination of the famed 99 and Somango, a fruity and freeing sativa from the south. This one pops with color and a mid-high THC level is balanced out by a 1% CBD count. Ready in 7-9 weeks, this demon is designed to yield heavily at around 400 grams per plant and is capable of handling some rookie mistakes.
Kind Seed Co is your friendly and professional distributor of the best seeds to be found anywhere in the U.S. We are patriotic and support our country by dealing only exclusively with the United States of America. Texas has a little way to go where weed laws are concerned and evidence shows that we are moving in the right direction. For all those living in the Longhorn State who wish to get a collection started, we are here for you. For our beloved breeders and commercial growers, we have the beans you need to make your next venture a success. To all the legislators out there who are battling with marijuana reform in the name of happy citizens everywhere, we salute you and we thank you. We know that gardens of green are not far away here and, for that day, trust Kind Seed Co.


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    Frequently Asked Questions

    For facts on Texas related cannabis questions asked and answered, see below FAQ’s from Kind Seed Co.

    Is it legal to buy marijuana seeds in Texas ?

    Yes, you can buy marijuana seeds in Texas as souvenir novelty items and store them in a safe place until germination is legal. These collector seeds are also called weed seeds, marijuana seeds, pot seeds, cannabis seeds, ganja seeds, herb seeds, chronic seeds, 710 seeds, 00 seeds and many more names not always shared in good company.

    Is it legal to buy cannabis seeds in Texas ?

    Yes cannabis seeds can be purchased as novelty souvenirs for collectors. Please be sure to only germinate when state law allows and currently this is NOT the case. The collector seeds are sometimes mispelled cannibis, canabus, canibus, canibis, cannabas, cannabus and many more slang variations to boot!

    Is it legal to buy weed seeds in Texas ?

    Yes, buying souvenir seeds as novelty items is legal in Texas. Please wait to germinate until state laws change and allow for home cultivation. These collector seeds are mispelled: marawana, marijana, marajauna, marajuanna and other terms we prefer to leave in the circles they are spoken.

    Is it legal to buy pot seeds in Texas ?

    Yes, buying pot seeds as souvenirs and novelty items is legal in Texas. We will not sell pot seeds to anyone we believe is germinating seeds illegally. Please germinate with care and only when state laws change. Other spelling mistakes for pot seeds include: potte seed, pote seed, potseed and other names that our cat refuses to let us share with you.

    Is it legal to grow cannabis seeds in Texas ?

    No! Please do not grow pot seeds, cannabis seeds, weed seeds or marijuana seeds in Texas until state laws change.

    How can I buy marijuana seeds online in Texas ?

    Simply visit Kind Seed Co, and choose your marijuana strains and add to cart. Then simply check out and pay for your order. The seeds will arrive according to tracking that generates roughly 24 hours after your purchase. The package will be unmarked and arrive in less than one week for most orders. Buy marijuana seeds online from Weed Seeds USA today and save them until seeds can be germinated legally in Texas.

    Are Texas Seeds grown in Texas ?

    With zero legal cannabis seed industry in Texas, its very unlikely that Texas Seeds are actually grown in Texas.

    Who is the Regulatory Body for Cannabis in Texas ?

    Coming Soon

    Is Recreational Use legal in Texas ?

    No, recreational cannabis use is prohibited and carries hefty punishment in Texas.

    Is Medical Use legal in Texas ?

    Yes, The TCUP program is available for anyone with cancer or PTSD and allows for cannabis up to 1% THC to be consumed.

    Is it Legal to Grow Cbd Seeds in Texas ?


    Is it legal to grow autoflower seeds in Texas ?

    No. Growing autoflower cannabis with normal THC levels is not legal in Texas.

    Is it legal to consume cannabis in Texas ?

    No. In fact, until recently parents with cannabis in their system had a risk of losing their children.

    Is it legal to carry cannabis in Texas ?

    No. Texas law does not allow for individuals to carry cannabis.

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